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How to Choose the Best Window Tint for Your Car

Car window tinting is a great way to keep unwanted sun and heat out of your car. And for Phoenix drivers, this can mean the difference between getting into a comfortable car or scorching your hands on the steering wheel. But choosing the best window tint can feel like a total mystery if you’ve never thought about it in the past. 

A great way to start is by understanding what automotive window tints really are. Car window tints are films placed on the inside of windows to protect your car from harmful UV rays. It’s also used to ensure they are scratch resistant. Though most people think window tinting is purely for aesthetics alone, it actually offers car owners features such as UV protection and increased shatter resistance, making it a common practice when buying  a vehicle. 

How do you make sure that you get the best car window tint? By keeping some of these tips in mind!

Notes on Choosing The Best Car Window Tint

Familiarize Yourself with Your Options

Different cars needs a different type of tint. This largely depends on how you use your car, where you park it, and the type of vehicle you drive. Moreover, you’ll also need to think about whether you’ll purchase a tint kit with pre cut pieces or get a tinting job. 

The best way to decide which type of film is best for your ride is to speak with an expert. Head to a window tinting shop and get a consultation. They’ll let you know what works and what’s best for your needs. Tint shops often have quality products and offer various types of window tint like dyed window tinting, ceramic window tinting and metalized window tinting.

Think About the Tint Darkness

Car window tinting film comes in different shades. Some are incredibly light and won’t shade your car much like dyed film. Others, like ceramic films, are almost black when you stare at the car from the outside. There are also types of window tint that ensures matte finish.

Think about how dark you want the tint to be. Darker films offer increased UV blocking that can help you keep your car cooler and maintain your car’s interior better.  It’s also important to note that depending on your tint percentage, the film can change the feel of your ride and the color you see when you’re driving.

Know That There Are Restrictions

Darker window tints may seem like a great idea, but they can get you in trouble with the law.

 Why? Because law enforcement likes to be able to see inside your car if you get pulled over. It’s a safety concern for them. Window tint laws differ in each state.

For example, Arizona’s window tinting laws and Alaska’s law have different tint percentage requirements depending on the vehicle’s windows. They may also have other added restrictions the color of tinting car owners used that’s not applicable to other regions. 

Before you install the best window tint for your car, make sure the shade is considered legal. Those opting for the help of a professional in installing films can rest easy as they are very familiar with your locality’s tinting laws.

Invest in Quality

With window tinting film, you get what you pay for. And while you may save on upfront costs by buying a lower quality film, that film will need to be removed and replaced sooner. Investing in high quality service means ensuring your vehicle receives the best car tint possible — this means consulting experts for the best options.

Knowing When The Tint is Right

As much as  window tinting is considered as a fairly common practice, a large number of consumers are still falling victim to low-grade tinting. This is because, despite the high demand for such services, a lot of customers are have limited idea on separating high quality films from bad ones. 

Though you have the option of getting your tint job done by professionals, extra precaution is still advised. Unreliable providers would either fake solar specifications to trick car owners into buying low quality products or switch branded films to off-brand ones. 

There are four common practices you could use to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Selecting Reliable Brands

As mentioned earlier, window tinting shops offer a wide variety of choices for their customers. After discussing what type of car window tint you think would work for you, it’s time for you to delve into the different brands that offer them. 

One great way of knowing whether the brand is reputable by checking out their certifications. Brands would often seek the help of certain manufacturers to conduct test reports on their products. Car owners can easily find this kind of information through the websites of both parties. 

Know The Manufacturer Better

It wouldn’t hurt if you take your own research one step further by checking out the manufacturers producing car tinting films. Great manufacturers invest in cutting-edge technology, advanced laboratories and premium raw materials. 

Check Out The Logo

Branded window tint often print their logos on both the film and its packaging. Normally, counterfeit products don’t have the brand indicated on its film and usually comes with plain boxes.

Test It Out 

The last thing you can do to ensure you’re getting the best window tint for your car is by being there to actually test the product out! Some workshops have solar meter or thermal units to test out the specifications your chosen window tint should have. 

It serves as an extra measure to ensure that the right window tint has been installed. 

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