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How to Choose The Best Window Tint Arizona Services For Your Car

Car window tinting is a great way to keep the unwanted sun and heat out of your car. For Phoenix drivers, this can mean the difference between getting into a comfortable car and scorching your hands on the steering wheel. But choosing the best window tint can feel like a total mystery if you’ve never considered it before. 

A great way to start is by understanding what automotive window tints really are. Car window tints are films placed on the inside of windows to protect your car from harmful UV rays. It’s also used to ensure they are scratch-resistant. Though most people think window tinting is purely for aesthetics alone, it actually offers car owners features such as UV protection and increased shatter resistance, making it a common practice when buying a vehicle. 

How can you ensure that you get the best car window tint? Keep some of these tips in mind!

Notes on Choosing The Best Car Window Tint

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Familiarize Yourself with Your Options

Different cars need different types of tint. This largely depends on how you use your car, where you park it, and the type of vehicle you drive. Moreover, you’ll also need to consider whether you’ll purchase a tint kit with pre-cut pieces or get a tinting job. 

The best way to decide which type of film is best for your ride is to speak with an expert. Head to a window tinting shop and get a consultation. They’ll let you know what works and what’s best for your needs. Tint shops often have quality products and offer various types of window tinting, such as dyed window tinting, ceramic window tinting, and metalized window tinting.

Think About the Tint Darkness

Car window tinting film comes in different shades. Some are incredibly light and won’t shade your car much like dyed film. Others, like ceramic films, are almost black when you stare at the car from the outside. There are also types of window tint that ensure a matte finish.

Think about how dark you want the tint to be. Darker films offer increased UV blocking, which can help you keep your car cooler and maintain its interior better. It’s also important to note that depending on your tint percentage, the film can change the feel of your ride and the color you see when you’re driving.

Know That There Are Restrictions

Darker window tints may seem like a great idea, but they can get you in trouble with the law.

 Why? Because law enforcement likes to be able to see inside your car if you get pulled over. It’s a safety concern for them. Window tint laws differ in each state.

For example, Arizona’s window tinting laws and Alaska’s law require different tint percentages depending on the vehicle’s windows. They may also have other added restrictions on the color of tinting car owners use that are not applicable to other regions. 

Before you install the best window tint for your car, make sure the shade is legal. Those opting for the help of a professional can rest easy, as they are very familiar with your locality’s tinting laws.

Invest in Quality

With window tinting film, you get what you pay for. While you may save on upfront costs by buying a lower-quality film, that film will need to be removed and replaced sooner. Investing in high-quality service means ensuring your vehicle receives the best car tint possible—this means consulting experts for the best options.

Knowing When The Tint is Right

As much as window tinting is considered a fairly common practice, a large number of consumers are still falling victim to low-grade tinting. This is because, despite the high demand for such services, a lot of customers have limited ideas on separating high-quality films from bad ones. 

Though you have the option of having your tint job done by professionals, extra precautions are still advised. Unreliable providers would either fake solar specifications to trick car owners into buying low-quality products or switch branded films to off-brand ones. 

There are four common practices you could use to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Selecting Reliable Brands

As mentioned earlier, window tinting shops offer a wide variety of choices for their customers. After discussing what type of car window tint you think would work for you, it’s time for you to delve into the different brands that offer them. 

One great way to know whether the brand is reputable is to check out its certifications. Brands often seek the help of certain manufacturers to conduct test reports on their products. Car owners can easily find this kind of information through both parties’ websites. 

Know The Manufacturer Better

It wouldn’t hurt to take your own research one step further by checking out the manufacturers producing car tinting films. Great manufacturers invest in cutting-edge technology, advanced laboratories, and premium raw materials. 

Check Out The Logo

Branded window tint often prints its logos on both the film and its packaging. Normally, counterfeit products don’t have the brand indicated on their film and usually come with plain boxes.

Test It Out 

The last thing you can do to ensure you’re getting the best window tint for your car is to be there actually to test the product out! Some workshops have solar meters or thermal units to test out the specifications your chosen window tint should have. 

It serves as an extra measure to ensure that the right window tint has been installed. 

Now it is time to present the top window tint brands in Arizona; based on work quality, experience, and materials used, we present a list of the top 5 brands you’ll be able to find.

Smartfilm (4.9-5.0 Stars)

Smartfilm stands out as the premier choice for car window tinting in Arizona, earning a reputation for its exceptional quality and performance. With the relentless sun and scorching temperatures characteristic of the state, residents prioritize effective solutions to combat heat and UV exposure in their vehicles. Smartfilm emerges as the go-to option, offering cutting-edge technology and superior materials engineered to withstand Arizona’s harsh climate conditions.

One key factor contributing to Smartfilm’s dominance in the market is its advanced heat rejection capabilities. Arizona’s intense sunlight can quickly turn a car’s interior into an oven, making it uncomfortable for drivers and passengers alike. Smartfilm’s innovative tinting solutions effectively block out a significant portion of solar heat, keeping the interior cooler and more pleasant even during the hottest days.

Moreover, Smartfilm’s commitment to providing customizable options caters to the diverse needs and preferences of Arizona drivers. Whether seeking maximum UV protection, enhanced privacy, or a sleek aesthetic, customers can choose from a range of tint darkness levels and features to suit their specific requirements. This versatility ensures that every vehicle equipped with Smartfilm tinting receives tailored solutions for optimal performance and satisfaction.

Testimonial Services:

Christopher K: ”Brad and his team are excellent. Great service every time I have worked with them. They deserve to be recognized for their top-level service! Have used them for car window tinting and windshield replacement”.
Roger M: I had a front-end wrap done on my car, and it looks amazing! These guys know what they’re doing!
Mike K: Friendly staff. Patiently answered all of my questions and provided expert recommendations for my Tesla Model S. Provided me a loaner car while work was completed and applied tint to all windows plus clear bra on the same day. My car looks absolutely amazing! Thank you SmartFilm!

AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co (4.7-5.0 Stars)

AGD Auto Glass Direct & Tint Co emerges as a stand-out brand for car window tinting in Arizona, positioned as the second-best choice after Smartfilm. Renowned for its expertise in auto glass services and tinting solutions, AGD Auto Glass Direct & Tint Co offers a compelling alternative for drivers seeking quality and reliability.

AGD ensures that each installation meets the highest standards of durability and performance. Whether customers prioritize heat reduction, glare reduction, or privacy, AGD’s range of tinting options caters to diverse needs and preferences, delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Apex Customs (4.6-5.0 Stars)

Apex Customs secures its place as a reputable option for window tinting in Arizona, holding the third position on our list. What distinguishes Apex Customs is its emphasis on innovation and customization. With a focus on cutting-edge tinting technologies and premium-grade materials.

Whether customers prioritize heat rejection, privacy, or aesthetics, Apex offers a range of tint darkness levels and features to suit individual preferences and needs, providing tailored solutions that align with Arizona’s unique climate challenges.

Made in the Shade (4.5-5.0 Stars)

Made in the Shade offers tinting options designed to enhance comfort, protect vehicle interiors, and improve the overall driving experience. Made in the Shade prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to provide a seamless tinting experience from start to finish. Knowledgeable staff members guide customers through the selection process, offering expert advice and recommendations to help them make informed decisions.

By combining quality products, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service, Made in the Shade emerges as a trusted choice for car window tinting in Arizona. It offers drivers a reliable solution to combat the challenges of the desert climate.

Hyer Quality Detail (4.3-5.0 Stars)

While Hyer Quality Detail is positioned in the last spot on our list, it still offers a viable option for car detailing services in Arizona. Specializing in meticulous detailing work, Hyer Quality Detail focuses on restoring and maintaining the appearance of vehicles to a high standard.

While their tinting services may not be as extensive or specialized as those offered by higher-ranked competitors, Hyer Quality Detail’s dedication to quality and attention to detail ensures a thorough and professional result.

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How durable is window tint if it’s applied correctly?

When applied correctly, window tints can be quite durable. Properly installed tinting film adheres firmly to the glass surface, forming a strong bond that can withstand normal wear and tear. High-quality tinting materials are also resistant to fading, bubbling, and peeling, ensuring long-term durability.

Is it okay to wash the window after tinting it?

Yes, it is generally okay to wash windows after tinting, but it’s essential to follow specific guidelines to avoid damaging the tinting film. It’s recommended to wait at least a few days after tinting before cleaning the windows to allow the tinting film to fully cure and adhere properly.

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