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What Is Solar Tint And How Can It Improve Your Car!

When new car owners think of window tinting, they often worry about their view becoming obstructed by darkened car windows. 

Ultimately, they’re not entirely wrong but they’re not entirely right either. There are types of film that have darker shades than most, but they’re not the only kind of tint available in today’s market. 

Modern technology has paved the way for almost crystal clear car window tinting like solar tints! Today, we’ll be discussing how solar window films can improve your vehicle but before anything else, let’s first answer the question; what is solar window tint.

What Is Solar Tint On Cars?

A fairly new kind of film that can block up to 99% of UV radiation, solar window tints have both features great UV protection alongside solar heat reducing materials. 

But what makes it different from other tints that can reduce the same amount of heat and other harmful effects of overexposure is that it’s almost crystal clear. It ensures drivers that the quality of their view from their automotive window won’t change regardless of the driving condition.

If your local tinting laws say you should keep your windshield clear but you still want to stave off some of your energy costs from air conditioning, this is the right tint for you!

Unique Benefits

Aside from its translucent shade, solar films have a lot of other great benefits! For one, it has great control heat and glare features.

It can help improve your driving experience further by lessening the glare by up to 87%. The tint will help you save more by keeping your car cooler, lessening your need to use your air conditioner.

Furthermore, solar films guarantee to keep you safe from skin cancer! As we’ve mentioned earlier, it blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays from the visible light that passess through your windows. As a matter of fact, even the American Academy of Dermatology highly recommends window tinting as one of the most effective ways to combat the disease. 

Not to mention that the tint can help prolong the look of your upholstery! Another one of the most common factors behind the demand for car tinting is faded upholstery. Due to overexposure to direct slight, your seats will fade or crack in a few years. And one great way of prolonging the life of your car’s interior is by protecting them! 

How Solar Tints Improve Vehicles

Aside from the normal features that car tinting adds to cars such as protection against sun damage as well as improved safety and security, solar films can upgrade your vehicles into a different level. 

For one, its translucent appearance allows for your exterior to shine. The tinted glass won’t take the attention away from your great looking paint job. And as we’ve mentioned earlier, the film’s UV blocking properties ensures your upholstery stays great looking! 

And great looking cars come at great resale value! Should you decide to sell your beloved vehicle in the future, its value will be determined by its condition and state. If your car is not well taken care for, there’s a high chance it won’t have a great price tag.

Keep in mind that when people buy cars, they look for units that they’re comfortable in. If your seats are cracked from the heat or the windows let in the full amount of sun and heat possible, it makes your car less tempting. With solar film, your car will be more comfortable for anyone behind the wheel. This makes it more tempting for buyers.

But even if you’re trading it in to a dealership, solar film can help you get a better price. Your interior will be in better shape and show less wear and tear than other models of the same year. You’ll have a peace of mind when it comes to your return of investment! 

Get Your Solar Tint Installed Today

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