SmartFilm offers services that can improve your driving experience and protect your car from elements that could tarnish its appearance. More importantly, the improvements we make to your car also contribute to your safety and those of your passengers, passersby, and fellow motorists.

  • Keep your headlights fully functional and undimmed by grime.
  • Spare your wallet from the cost of a full-body car repaint job.
  • Improve and maintain the integrity of your windshield.
  • Avoid the hassle of getting pulled over because of a busted headlight (and the possibility of getting charged for violating state law).

Automotive Window Tint

Smartfilm offers the largest selection and highest quality of auto tint in the Mesa, Tempe and East Valley region of Arizona. All of our window tinting is conducted in a clean, indoor-controlled environment using only the best products existing on the market. Whether your goal is privacy, comfort, or protection from UV’s, our knowledgeable technicians and friendly staff can help you find the solution you need.

  • Improves driving comfort
  • Eliminates distracting glare
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Conceals valuables
  • Provides privacy and beauty
  • Prevents leather from fading
  • Enhances driving visibility

Clear Bra

Smartfilm Paint Protection acts like an invisible shield that protects your car from the daily hazards and rough conditions of the road. Our clear bra films are superior to the average competitor films, so you don’t ever have to worry about your paint being scratched or chipped, by flying rocks, loose gravel, or road debris.

  • Protects against insects
  • Preserves the value
  • Beautiful high gloss finish
  • Saves money on paint repairs
  • Car looks newer for longer
  • Reduces the need for waxing

Autoglass Repair & Replacement

Whether you need OEM glass replacement or new window motors or regulators, Smartfilm can provide you with the solution you need. Our mobile auto glass technicians are extremely skilled and use industry leading fillers and advanced techniques to flawlessly execute repairs. Our same day appointments and three hour services times provide you with convenience and rapid repair to help you get back out on the road as soon as possible.

  • Ensures that chips and cracks are repaired properly
  • Improves the structural integrity of your windshield
  • Three-hour service times ensure repairs are completed quickly
  • Keeps cracks from becoming larger or worsening
  • Eliminates obstructions in your vision and makes driving safer
  • Prevents water and air from entering your vehicle
  • Onsite repairs and a flexible schedule provide convenience
  • Quickly and safely gets you back out on the road

Headlight Restoration

Smartfilm’s exclusive solution provides quick and effective restoration of clarity for dull, yellowed, and scratched plastic headlight lenses. Our unique five step process can dramatically improve the performance and appearance of the headlights, taillights, fog lights, or directional lights on your vehicle and make them shine like brand new.

  • Removes scratches on headlights
  • Offers an affordable alternative to replacement
  • Allows dulled lenses to become clearer
  • Enhances the appearance of your vehicle
  • Eliminates cloudiness and discoloration
  • Cleans and removes oxidation
  • Improves nighttime driving visibility
  • Increases headlight brightness
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Tint Removal

Removing tint on your own can be a difficult and tedious process. If the old tint is not removed properly, it could prevent new tint from being able to be installed correctly. This is a method that we typically do not advise. Smartfilm is happy to take care of removing the existing tint on your vehicle on your behalf. All of our technicians are highly trained in the proper techniques and procedures for tint removal. After the process is complete, we will even facilitate with the installation of your new window tint.

  • Eliminates bubbles and signs of wear
  • Prevents injury from improper usage of tools
  • Ensures that old tint is removed properly
  • Eliminates mess and makes tint removal easy
  • Prevents windshield damage
  • Improves the appearance of your vehicle
  • Allows for proper adhesion of window film
  • Ensures that new film fits properly

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Our expert window tinting and paint protection film services in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and the surrounding Arizona metro area will keep your car cooler, protect your loved ones from UV rays, and maintain its pristine condition.


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