The Different Types of Car Window Tinting & Their Benefits in Mesa, AZ

The Different Types of Car Window Tint & Their Benefits in Mesa, AZ

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Different Types of Car Window Tint can provide essential benefits that every Arizonan driver can appreciate, ranging from privacy and aesthetics to vital heat and UV ray protection all year long.

Your window tinting needs can vary and it also mostly depends on the kind of climate in your area. Although personal taste may play a role in choosing the best car window tint, it’s very important that all tinting films provide at least minimum protection against the sun. Even when you live in a cold region this is extremely important.

Below, we’ve broken down the various types of car window tinting Arizona vehicles can benefit from the most, helping you make a decision when it comes to the right tint for your car.

In terms of car window tinting in Mesa, there are two categories: metalized film and non-reflective film. Within those categories there are 6 different car window tinting types, each with individual benefits. Let’s go further into detail.

1.   Dyed Window Tinting

The perfect choice of auto window tinting if you are on a budget. Compared to other car tinting options, this one is relatively inexpensive. It does block sunlight using multiple layers of dye, making it a great option for your car. 

Thanks to the use of dye, it absorbs solar heat and prevent some of the heat entering your vehicle. It also has an opaque appearance which makes it a perfect choice for increasing privacy. However, there are better types of film on the market if you are looking for maximum protection.

The main benefits of dyed window films include the following:

  • Inexpensive
  • Blocks sunlight with dye layers
  • Prevents heat, but less so than other tints
  • Opaque appearance increases privacy, but eventually fades


2.   Metalized Window Tinting

Similar to dyed films, but it makes use of tiny metallic particles instead of dye to block sunlight. These special particles are almost invisible and are embedded within the film. 

Just like the dyed variant, it also helps in filtering out heat by reflecting it. It’s a very durable window and likewise, it also enhances your window strength. Shatter-resistance significantly increases upon installation.

The main benefits of metalized window films include the following:

  • Blocks sunlight with metallic particles
  • Reflects heat
  • Increased window shatter resistance
  • Reduces glare
  • Durable
  • Can affect electronic equipment (disadvantage)


3.   Hybrid Window Tinting

The best of both worlds. These car window tints are comprised of both dye and metallic particles. They offer the many advantages of the previous types while reducing the negative aspects. A common combination is the use of titanium and grey dark.

 It looks very cool aesthetically speaking, and it’s neither too dark nor too reflective. Hybrid window tints are fantastic choice. You will acquire privacy as well as maximum protection from heat and UV rays.

The main benefits of hybrid window films include the following:

  • Combines dye and metallic particles
  • Has benefits of dyed and metalized tint
  • Neither too dark nor too reflective


4.   Carbon Window Tinting


Special Auto Window Tinting that provides many advantages over other types of tint films. The matte-finish makes sure your car looks very appealing. Thanks to the carbon content, it blocks around 40% of the IR radiations responsible for heating the interiors. 

Besides cooling the interior, this also prevents (or slows down) upholstery fading. This type of film helps in saving energy and it’s very durable (it doesn’t fade away like dyed window tinting).

The main benefits of carbon window films include the following:

  • Matte finish
  • Blocks ~40% of IR radiations for cooler interior
  • Durable


5.   Crystalline Window Tinting

If your main goal is to tint your car windows without making them dark, then this is the perfect window tint for you. It will look like there is no tinting at all. It will block ultraviolet radiations and solar heat. You won’t be needing any dark films if you don’t like those. 

These films are metal-free. This results in an easy-to-maintain film that also won’t interfere with car electronics.

The main benefits of crystalline window films include the following:

  • Light-colored tint
  • UV and heat protection


6.   Ceramic Window Tinting

This type of car window tint is very high quality. A ceramic tint film is very durable and can block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your vehicle’s interior. It will protect you against any harmful effects.

It’s a relatively new type of tinting. It’s expensive but proven for its performance Here, you really pay for the quality and effectiveness of this window film. Metallic tinting can offer the same benefits as ceramic, but metallic tinting can affect the functioning of electronic equipment (since it can block signals). 

Ceramic films are the best of the best. It provides an effective and efficient alternative to other types.

The main benefits of ceramic window films include the following:

  • High-quality; performs well
  • Blocks UV rays and heat with ceramic particles
  • Similar benefits to metalized tint without affecting electronic equipment
  • Glare resistance
  • Durable

These are the 6 most widely used types of window tints for cars right now. Always do the necessary research before deciding what window tinting option is the perfect choice for you.


Things to Consider when Selecting Car Window Tint

Beyond the benefits of these types of car window tinting, Mesa vehicle owners should keep factors like driving comfort and local state laws in mind when choosing a tint.

It’s smart to have a professional local auto detailer install your car window tinting, as they can install window tint in a skillful, legal manner. A professional installer, like our team at Smartfilm, will always inform you of your choices and the benefits of each rather than offer you what’s most convenient and cost effective for them to install.

There is a type of car window tints for everyone (depending on your individual needs and budgets). We hope this article will help you before deciding which style is the best for you. For any questions whatsoever, get in touch with Smarfilm Arizona and we will help you with all your needs.

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