A new car is a big-ticket purchase. And if you’re a car enthusiast, the experience can be gratifying, especially if it means finally owning your dream ride.

The “new car euphoria” could easily fade, though. Our Arizona team makes sure it lasts through top-of-the-line clear bra paint protection. Clear bras are designed to keep your car exterior in showroom condition. It protects against mud, rain, road gravel, and other outdoor elements that can wear out your car.

SmartFilm is a trusted provider of clear bra paint protection in AZ. Our experienced team applies top-of-the-line protection film on your car exterior for an extra layer of protection. It shields the vehicle exterior from dirt, dust, and other harmful outdoor elements.

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Auto Armor for Enhanced Paint Protection

Make your vehicle look its best. Avoid dirt and dust buildup by installing a clear bra or protective film on your car. Our protective films provide long-term protection.

Our professional clear bra installers use urethane-based protective films that keep your car exterior paint clear of scratches. These protective films are designed to shield your car’s side mirrors, lower fascia, and other vulnerable parts from rough outdoor elements. Let our clear bra installers in Arizona protect your car’s exterior.

You won’t have to worry about corrosion or acidic contaminants, either. We install clear bra paint protection in Scottsdale, AZ to prevent vehicle damage. Our auto armor provides a solid line of defense that prevents harmful chemical stains from damaging your car’s auto paint.

We design our car protection films to keep your exterior in good condition. Though they won’t make your car invincible, they can give it the long-lasting protection it needs.

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A Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service

SmartFilm has the tools and resources to improve your car’s comfort, safety, and performance. So when you turn to us for paint protection, you are in good hands.

Our certified installation specialists go through rigorous training to give your car the protection it needs. We have the skills and experience to shield your car paint from harsh road conditions.

We carry one of the most durable paint protection films in Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and other areas in AZ. As an authorized provider of clear bra paint protection, you won’t have to worry about future vehicle paint repair or waxing costs.

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Our top-of-the-line solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Exceptional clarity – Our protection films combine best-in-class durability and exceptional clarity for near-invisible protection.
  • Strong resistance to bug stains – Squashed bugs and insects can leave behind marks and stains that are hard to remove—except when your car’s coated with clear bra.
  • Stain-and-scratch resistance – Our clear coats serve as your car’s ultimate defense from nicks, scratches, stains, and other road damage.
  • Tough and durable application – Practically maintenance-free, our clear bra protection films feature tough and durable surfaces that protect your car.
  • Strong resistance to yellowing – Our plastic auto shields can take a beating. They are durable to stay clear and not turn yellow or opaque even after years of use.
  • Universal application – We can apply our clear bra paint protection on any automotive or surface. Coat your truck or SUV and protect your fender, lights or mirrors.
  • Hassle-free removal – It’s highly unlikely, but should the clear bra on your vehicle sustain be damaged, we can remove and leave the paint underneath unscathed.


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Clear Bra Frequently Asked Questions

Clear bra paint protection is a urethane-based paint protection film. It serves as a virtually invisible shield against loose gravel, road salts, and other external factors that could cause chipping paint and paint scratches.

Clear bra paint protection is the easiest way to keep your car paint looking new and shiny. Aesthetics aside, it protects your car paint from getting chipped or scratched by outdoor elements. It also provides a layer of protection against harsh weather temperatures — this is especially important when you’re driving around in Arizona’s glaring heat. Additionally, clear bras don’t require much maintenance. You just wash and wax it.

Clear bras are designed to last for a long time. Most paint protection films last for five years before their protective features start to waver. We recommend taking your vehicle to a clear bra expert if you’ve had the paint protection film for years because if you leave it on for too long, it might start to damage your car paint.

Clear bra paint protection comes at reasonable pricing. But like with other types of paint protection films, the overall cost of clear bra installation depends on the size and model of your vehicle. Get a free estimate now.

As with other types of paint protection film, clear bras don’t take too long to apply. You only need to spare one day for installation. And although it’s possible to install it on your own, we recommend trusting a professional installer for the job. This way, you’ll be confident that the film is sitting flush against your car’s exterior surface.

You can hand wash your vehicle as early as three days after clear bra installation. But wait at least two weeks before you schedule a mechanical car wash. You need to give the paint protection film enough time to settle on the surface first.

Car bras last for years, but they aren’t permanent. They can be removed after many years’ worth of car paint protection. It’s best to consult with professional installers about the best time to remove your clear bra paint protection.


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