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Can You Get a Ticket for Car Window Tint in Arizona?

There are many benefits to installing car window tint on your Arizona vehicle, but it’s also important to watch out for the potential hazards of window tint. Namely, when you fail to have a professional install a legally acceptable automotive window tint, you may wind up with a ticket if you ignore several important factors.

Why Window Tint Location Matters

Arizona is unique when it comes to its laws. Rather than one all-encompassing car window tint law, Arizona motorists need to follow different regulations for each window of their vehicle.

Windshields are only allowed to have a non-reflective tint installed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, or the visor strip. The only exception to this rule is if you have a medical waiver through ADOT.

Other windows have fewer restrictions. Front side windows are required to allow at least 33% of light in and may only be 35% reflective at maximum. Back side and rear windows may also have a maximum reflectiveness of 35%, but may be much darker than front side windows and windshields, with a maximum tint darkness of 5% of light allowed in.

Other Factors to Consider for Legal Window Tint

While you’re unlikely to be given a ticket for rear or back side windows that are too dark, you can still be pulled over for tint that obstructs your vision, such as bubbled, smudged, or peeling tint. Dual side mirrors are required to offset darkened rear windows. Additionally, red and amber colored tint are forbidden.

When you have a legal car window tint installed professionally, Arizona’s finest will have no reason to pull you over!

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