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Protecting Your Home with UV Protection Window Film

As homeowners, we take great pride in the way our house looks. We go to great lengths just to find the right furniture and decor that shows off your personal style. 

And when it comes to maintaining them, we exert the same effort just to avoid spills from ruining everything. Unfortunately, there’s another culprit that can run down your home — one that’s dressed in sheep’s clothing; the sun! 

Frankly speaking, we often pay the sun no mind especially when the natural light makes everything look good. But what we don’t know is that it can actually cause greater damage than the coffee spill we’re so afraid of. 

So, how can we protect our homes from an unavoidable villain? You have UV Tint Film for house windows! Today, SmartFilm is here to help you figure out how home tinting can help preserve your furniture starting with breaking down how harmful UV rays could be to your home. 


Not So Sunny

Believe it or not, standard window glass doesn’t do much to keep the sun’s harmful rays out of your home — instead, it refracts them, lessening the severity of the rays. Despite this, it still has enough power to damage your furniture as well as your floors easily. Their rich color will fade sooner than you think and your leather can crack or stiffen. 

See, when the sun’s UV rays hit your colorful upholstery and furniture, it creates a reaction with the dyes in the materials — think of it as a liquid-free bleach. The rays of the visible light causes the dye to lose its color and start to fade away. The longer the fabric is exposed to the rays, the more the color starts to leach out. 

While changing your layout seems like an easy and effective solution, heating can still ruin things for you. Heat loosens the bond between the dyes and the upholstery, fabric, and even your carpet fibers. If combined with the awful rays, things will definitely become ugly within a matter of years. 

Ultimately, you need a solution that combines UV blocking and heat control into one — hence, home tinting and a window UV Film Protection!


What Home Tinting is 

Generally speaking, residential window tint film is just like regular car tinting — it uses vinyl films for heat control and UV defense. Instead of just letting in 99% of UV rays, it blocks them completely and keeps your home looking as well as feeling cool. Additionally, it acts as a great defense against skin cancer caused by these harmful rays. 

Aside from being a great solution to heating and cooling of homes, there are certain tint films that help improve the overall safety and security of homes. For example, metallic films are known for enhancing privacy while there are heat control window films often used during the summer!

What Makes UV Blocking Window Films Great

Aside from being the best window film for blocking UV rays, the tint offers other great benefits for your home!

Helps Reduce Noticeable Fade

UV window film blocks up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and even helps keep the residual heat outside where it belongs. You’ll still get the natural light you love inside. But that natural light won’t cause your upholstery and artwork to fade as quickly. And the less your home furnishings fade, the less often you’ll need to replace them with new versions.

Keep in mind that protection film won’t prevent fade completely. It’s a natural part of the wear and tear your home will see. But the right film can significantly extend the life of your home décor.


Prevents Health Dangers

The harmful UV rays of the sun don’t just ruin furniture, they can also damage your health. It was briefly mentioned earlier that unprotected windows can leave people vulnerable to skin cancer — an extremely rare problem for most people. 

Instead of constantly worrying about wearing sunscreen, UV films can be a great preventative measure against sun damage. As a matter of fact, dermatologists recommend the practice! It allows people to enjoy natural sunlight without much worry!


Adds Privacy 

Another great thing about UV window films is that it’s tinted enough to improve the privacy of your home. 

It helps protect your belongings and other properties from burglaries. Outsiders will have a hard time looking into your home. And while there are other tints focused on elevating the overall safety and security, UV films offer some help on this concern! 


Reducing Glare

Despite large windows being enjoyable, glare is another issue most people don’t often think about. Natural light is great until it starts to disrupt daily indoor activities and cause eyestrain. 

Luckily, UV tints have effective glare-reducing abilities. It can help build an eye-friendly environment for your home office or your entertainment room! 


Adds Flair

If you’ve been thinking about redecorating your room in a budget-friendly way, there’s no need to look further! Certain UV films come in great designs that make them perfect for decorative purposes

It’ll help your home maintain a naturally elegant look while protecting your interior from harmful UV rays that cause damaging wear and tear to your furniture. Keep your home looking cool from the inside and out!


Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, installing window film for UV protection will preserve the look of your furnishings, artwork, carpets, and upholstery. And because it helps keep the heat outdoors, you’ll extend the lifespan of your furnishings. Let SmartFIlm install high-quality window film on your Phoenix-area home.

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