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Do DIY Methods for Removing Window Tint Really Work?

Automotive window tint is one of the most inexpensive upgrades that drivers can make to their vehicles. Yet it’s only natural for consumers to attempt to avoid costs with a bit of DIY. According to online sources, removing window tint is as easy as throwing together a concoction of materials (some dangerous) and letting techniques like scraping, sunlight, or razor blades do the work. But do these do-it-yourself methods really produce quality results?

DIY Techniques for Removing Window Tint

When removing window tint, many drivers and amateur car enthusiasts turn to a number of approaches from the internet. Examples of common tint removal techniques you’ll find include using combinations such as soap and scraping, soap and newspaper, ammonia and sunlight, or hairdryers and razor blades.

Not only are these methods tedious and time-consuming, but they often put both your body and your car at risk–especially in the case of using ammonia or razor blades. What may start out as an “easy fix” may devolve into a series of costly repairs as you seek to undo the damage caused by caustic or sharp materials.

The Difference with Professional Window Tint Removal

In reality, removing window tint on your vehicle sounds a lot easier than it is, and even if the tint comes off, the results are usually mediocre at best. The risk of damaging your vehicle (or yourself) is also much greater with DIY tint removal.

Professional window tint installation companies have the tools to not only remove old tint in need of replacement, but to replace it with new, higher quality tint as well.

DIY tint removal sounds appealing in the short term, but costs drivers more in the long term.

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