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The Average Window Tinting Prices in Mesa, Arizona Area; and How to Score the Best Car Tinting Deals

Auto window tinting makes your car more driveable and helps stave off that insane Arizona and Mesa summer heat. It has become a common practice as more and more car owners start to see the benefits of car tinting. As the need for it grew, so did its cost. 

Window tinting prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, kind of film, and your provider. Though they may use the same products, professional car tint installation often comes with different metrics for its cost range. For example, a tint shop’s quotation for rear windows could be different from that of the installer next door. In another case, the value of metal films may differ from that of other providers.

Finding high-performance window tinting installation may seem difficult for a cost-effective price, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some car owners might recommend installing by themselves after purchasing window tint rolls, which increases the risk of poor car tinting jobs. 

Several factors go into the car window tinting cost you to purchase, from the size of your car and whether you tint all or a portion of it to the brand you get and whether it has basic or premium features.

For example, some might prefer to save more money and purchase a car tint kit, while some may get higher service costs that come with additional features like a lifetime warranty. 

 To get us started with the average window tinting prices in Arizona and Mesa, let’s discuss the common types of window films on car window tinting.

What are the different types of window tinting film?

There are hundreds of types of window tints, but at the most basic level, there are six common types. Each one has various features, like heat rejecters and UV protection for your windows. 

Dyed Window Tinting

Among the car tint films easily found online, the dyed film is a basic, high-quality product that blocks sunlight using multiple dye layers. The dye soaks up solar heat and prevents it from entering your vehicle.

Despite its high performance, it doesn’t provide the same level of protection featured on other kinds of films. It’s also important to note that dyed mobile tinting fades over time and must be replaced compared to other window tints. 

Metalized Film

Like dyed films, metalized tints help sift heat by reflecting it using tiny metallic particles. They are almost invisible and are embedded within it. 

It has an added feature that strengthens windows. For example, a car window’s shatter resistance will increase significantly when it is installed. Moreover, it can be easily recognized by its shine and is durable enough to last long. 

Hybrid Tinting

Hybrid tinting makes use of both metallic particles and dye. It provides the positive effects of both kinds of films mentioned earlier while reducing its negatives. 

A commonly used combination is titanium and grey dye because it’s neither too dark nor too reflective. It is decently bright and not too mirror-like, providing decent privacy and great blockage from heat and UV rays.

Carbon Tint 

Carbon window tinting has several other advantages compared to other types of window film. It features a unique matte finish look, making it attractive to car enthusiasts. The carbon content has helped block around 40% of the IR radiation that heats up the interiors of a car — that keeps it cool and slows down the fading of its upholstery.

Moreover, this kind of tinting service also helps save energy by reducing the need for cooling during summer or heating during winter. Carbon tints are also durable and do not fade. 

Crystalline Car Tinting

Certain car owners prefer installing car tints without making them dark. Those who prefer this option should use crystalline window tint. The film may not be dark but will still block UV radiation and solar heat. 

Additionally, those who ask what tint is legal in all the states but are unsure of the answer can rest easy with crystalline tints.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tint is one of the most high-quality options available that contains non-conductive ceramic properties. Though it’s certainly a newer type of car tint, it comes with a more expensive price tag due to its proven high performance. 

The window film can block up to 50% solar heat without affecting visibility and has stronger resistance to fading and glare — making it a more effective and efficient alternative compared to other tints. 

What are the different tint brands?

Aside from the type of car tint, the tint prices depend on the brand of the product. Popular brands of car window tint installed include Llumar, Solar Gard, Xpel, Huper Optik, and 3M. For example, a premium brand such as Llumar offers dyed, metalized, and ceramic films to choose from.

Depending on the type of vehicle, it could cost more. The price would also vary depending on the type of window.

What are the average window tinting prices in Arizona and Mesa?

On average, car installation tinting services for your entire vehicle tend to range from $220 – $320 for a basic heat rejection film that is color stable with superior UV blocking features and from $420 – $520 for a premium and unmatched heat rejection, best optical clarity, ceramic technology, and lifetime warranty. The usual all-around professional installation jobs involve the rear window, two or four-door windows, and four-triangle windows. 

As mentioned earlier, the type of vehicle you have would alter the pricing of tinting services. Passenger cars usually cost $100 to $600, while pick-up owners are told to expect costs of around $50 to a whopping $500. This could further increase if the car has a slider window as it requires a different kind of tinting process.

The pricing for other cars such as wagons, SUVs, crossovers and minivans are around $200 to $800.

Other Notes on Tinting Your Car Windows

Aside from the kind and brand of film, you’ll be tinting your windows, there are other things you need to keep in mind that can affect your installation cost.

For one, if your vehicle already has pre-installed window films, as most cars do now, you’d have to get it removed. Window tint removal comes with a separate cost and most auto shops offer this service as well aside from installation. For example, its price could range from $25 to $200 depending on the vehicle’s model and whether it has other special features.

Another thing to remember is if you want to have your car insured. As mentioned earlier, automotive tinting costs often differ depending on whether it has a warranty or not. Some brands offer guarantees for one or two years, while some auto shops offer life warranties.

It’s important to understand that you’re not just paying for the film itself. Each quotation comes with experienced installation experts and custom window cuts made for your vehicle.

How do you score the best car tinting deals?

Get Installation Quotes from Different Providers

Like most services, you should always shop around before deciding on a window tint company. This lets you compare their services and the types of car tint and get installation quotes from more than one provider. Those looking for quality car tints would often go around their locality in search for good deals. 

For example, if you’re hoping to get ceramic technology for a lesser price, it’s best you check out every tint shop near you before deciding. It must be remembered to note the features you want to have, like increased blockage from UV rays and shatter resistance. These newer technologies on tint films add an additional cost to your initial quotation. 

Knowing the installation shops’ pricing for different brands would be of big help as well. The value of each brand may differ depending on the installation company you are speaking to. For instance, the provider near you may have a different price tag for Llumar Tints or 3M Tints than another. Car owners who want to purchase branded car tints are highly advised to compare price quotes before making any decisions. 

Compare Quality and Customer Reviews

Without a doubt, price is not the only factor you should consider when having window films installed. You also want to compare the quality of the products the facility uses and take a look at their customer reviews. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they don’t have complaints filed against them. If others are happy with the quality of their service, you probably will be, too. 

It’s also important to note to see if their most recent customers feel satisfied with the installation jobs they received. Car window tinting prices are composed of the value of the films used and the installation itself. Low-quality films and poor installation often mean you’ll pay twice for the same job. Furthermore, bubbles in the films cause the auto window tinting to peel off, and the only way to avoid those issues is to work with an experienced and reputable provider. 

Though getting a professional tint job may seem more expensive, it’s an investment that will be more beneficial in the long run.

Ask for References and Expert Advice

Great auto-tinting borders on fine art. When it’s installed correctly, it should look like it came standard with the car right off the lot. And reputable companies always have references you can talk to.

Follow up on these references and see how the films have held up over the years for previous clients. If it’s still in good shape, you’ll also be happy with their work. Asking friends or neighbors whom other providers have serviced is another great way of gathering references. 

Additionally, most providers have installation experts who can help you make the most out of your budget. Aside from helping you pick the kind of window tint that’s most appropriate for your budget and your car, these experts can also assist in figuring out which tint percentage is legal in your state. It must be remembered that there are certain restrictions around the tinting used on cars depending on the state in which it is based. 

Preparing for Different Tinting Estimates

Another great way of ensuring worth it car window tinting prices is by making mental notes of other additional costs that may come up. Though we understand the reason behind having a set budget for installation services, nothing’s wrong with leaving enough room for unexpected expenses. 

For instance, not many people know that window tinting removal often comes with a different price tag. Most recently released vehicles come with pre-installed auto tints that need to be removed prior to newer installations. If your car happens to have its own window film, you’ll have to get it removed in the tint shop of your choice. `

Why You Should Invest In Your Windows

Those who want to spend cheap tinting would pick installing car tints on their own as the best option. They must purchase tinting kits that come with pre-cut films and do it on their own.

Though it may be tempting to do the tint job independently for a cheap window film estimate, ensuring a high-quality investment is much better. For example, if you’re unfamiliar with your locality’s tinting laws, you could accidentally surpass the recommended tint percentage. This can result in you spending more on violation tickets, but with the help of installation experts, you’re assured that you’re doing it right by the law. Plus, the installation job would look more professional.

Why Should You Choose Smartfilm?

We’re Experienced in Automotive Tinting

While you can do the film installation by yourself, it poses a few risks to the job! 

For one, without the help of expert installers, the quality of your tint film deteriorates. Keep in mind that the longevity and effectiveness of your car window tint heavily relies on the manner it was installed. 

And with the help of SmartFilm’s experienced installation team, you no longer have to worry about losing it too early! Furthermore, our experts can easily help you pick out the perfect film for your vehicle’s window glass. 

We Use the Best Quality Window Film

Believe it or not, all products are made of different standards. There are films in big box stores that can only last days after purchase, while there are those that last for years.

At Smartfilm, we stick only with the best of the best: high-quality Llumar’s Formula One! What makes Formula One exceptional is its nationwide-scale lifetime warranty. It gives drivers the peace of mind that their windows can be taken care of no matter where they may be. 

We Stand Behind Our Portfolio on Automotive

Our team understands the amount of investment our clients put into their vehicles. Hence, we do our utmost best to provide you with great tinted vehicles and services that work!

Should anything bad happen to your window’s car window tint, we’re more than willing to accommodate you for repairs! Additionally, we offer a money-back guarantee for those who find themselves dissatisfied with our work on their window glass.

Get Consultations for Car Window Tint Costs & Services

When it comes to choosing automotive window tinting, prices are an important factor to consider. Advice from a professional installer is a valuable thing. Call us today to learn more about your options and to get a quote on our installation services!

Is the scorching Arizona sun making your car feel like an oven, fading its paint and harming your passengers? We’ve got the solution! Choose from various high-quality window tints and paint protection films to fit your needs and budget. Get a free quote today and experience the difference window tinting and paint protection in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and the Phoenix area can make!


Why is it important to invest in a high-quality window tinting service?

Weather is one of car owners’ main issues, especially in Arizona; due to the extreme weather changes and conditions, your car’s paint and window tinting can be affected. That is why investing in the best tinting services is a priority.

Who is Smartfilm tint provider?

You can rest assured that we work only with other car brands that care to provide clients with the best services. That is why Xpel works with us to maintain quality work in every detail of our services.

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