Frequently Asked Questions about Window Tinting in Mesa, AZ

Having high quality window tinting is necessary for living and driving in Mesa, Az. In Mesa, window tinting helps improve driving safety, protects the interior of your car, makes driving more comfortable in Arizona’s hot desert climate, and keeps out uv rays that can cause damage and illness.

If you’re considering replacing the window tint on your vehicle, you may have some questions. To help you get started with the process, we’ve compiled a brief list of the most common questions asked by customers interested in window tinting in Mesa, AZ, which have been answered by our expert staff.

Common Questions about Window Tinting for Mesa, AZ Vehicles

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked about window tinting from our Mesa, AZ customers:

1. Frequently Asked Questions on Clear Bras

Clear bra is a transparent, urethane sheet with elastomeric polymers that give it a semi-stretchable quality, making it possible for technicians to mold the film smoothly over the entire surface of a car. The bottom layer is acrylic adhesive which clings to any automotive surface.

Any surface that’s vulnerable to nicks and scratches can benefit from this automotive paint protection film. SmartFilm installs clear bra on your car’s entire body: the hood, roof, doors, and side frame. Given the near-transparent clarity of our bra coating, we can also install it on your rear-view mirrors, headlights, door handles, hood, fender, and bumper.

A professionally installed clear bra can withstand impact both sharp and blunt objects like flying gravel and debris, which are very common in Arizona. It also protects your paint job from potentially deep scratches from belt hooks, metal components in bags or clothing, and other items that accidentally scrape the side of a car.

Clear bra protection is appropriate for most types of vehicles, including SUVs, vans, trucks, and motorcycles. Those who drive through urban streets need clear bra protection just as much as cars that travel long distances and over rough terrains.

It could take us under an hour or as long as four, depending on the size of your car or the surfaces you want us to cover with clear bra.

The average automotive clear bra in Arizona lasts for about seven to ten years. SmartFilm uses high-quality, clear bra sheets, so you can be confident that the coating on your car will be intact for as long as a decade. We have several customer reviews and pictures that show the clear bra we installed still looking brand-new years after installation.

Clear bra sheets are made from tough and stretchable urethane sheets; it’s highly unlikely that you will need to replace it before the expected expiry year. The exception is if your car sustains extensive damage that tears through the protective sheet.

There’s hardly any must-do, as our clear bra coatings in Arizona are very low-maintenance. They were first developed for military use (as protection for fighter jet planes) during the Vietnam War. Cleaning becomes a breeze as stains from insect guts, plant pulp, and rainwater deposits easily wash off of the transparent, urethane sheet.

Choose a clear bra installation company, like SmartFilm, which uses only high-quality clear bra. Discoloration can happen because of several factors, but most are associated with poor quality material. For instance, porous sheets without a clear, top coating are prone to yellowing, as are clear bras whose adhesive layer deteriorates fast with UV exposure.

Absolutely. We recommend it even more because paint touch-ups on expensive models tend to be pricey. Clear bra will help keep your luxury car’s paint flawless and scratch-free, particularly those with matte paint.

SmartFilm customizes clear bra installations for every vehicle in Arizona. We cut the sheets into precise dimensions and measurements based on the car’s schematics. Our technicians then install them by hand, ensuring that every inch of the clear bra attaches smoothly onto the surface of your vehicle.

2. Frequently Asked Questions on Headlight Restoration

SmartFilm’s headlight restoration service looks after the plastic or glass lens that covers your headlight bulbs. We clean and make them clear again so you can get maximum illumination on the road.

The very name of our service indicates that we do more than wipe grime off of your headlights. In our more than 25 years in business, we’ve encountered some of the most stubborn stains to ever stick on headlights: insect guts, watermarks from acid rain, age-related fogging, and the like. We’ve also figured out the best ways to remove them without damaging your lenses.

So when you come to SmartFilm, you can expect to get results that can only be done by professional headlight restoration specialists in Chandler, AZ: a thorough clean and incredible clarity that lasts long.

Exposure to dirt, natural deterioration, and oxidation is the top cause of fogging headlights. While debris and much are easy to remove, the residue from oxidation is a different matter. It requires the use of special cleaning tools and chemicals that can remove the amino acids from acrylic or polycarbonate plastic without damaging the surface. It is what we do at SmartFilm.

SmartFilm adds a protective coating to headlights to keep them as clean and clear for as long as two years. Cleaning your headlight, however, doesn’t prevent oxidation from happening again, nor does it keep bugs and dirt from hitting your lenses. The coating we apply will make stains stick less, but you’ll also have to clean your headlights regularly to maintain their clarity.

Our headlight restoration service in Arizona can make significant improvements on your visibility from behind the wheel, especially at night. Driving in the evenings with yellowed or fogged headlights can be risky, not only for you and your passengers but for pedestrians and other motorists as well. Dirty headlights can drastically reduce your range of vision, which can result in accidents and damage to property.

Don’t wait for your visibility to be reduced to three feet ahead before getting your headlights cleaned by professionals. You can drop by SmartFilm for a deep cleaning once your headlights start turning yellow. Yellowing can begin at year three for cars with clear, plastic lenses on their headlights.

Headlight restoration in Chandler, AZ can cost between $75 to $150 for both sets of headlights, depending on the make of the car and the extent of the work to be done.

You can get a headlight replacement anytime, but it won’t be the most practical choice every time. You can look at it in terms of cost: headlight restoration will give you about two years of clean lenses, and a replacement headlight if you settle for average quality, will be clear for about just as long. It would be more cost-effective to have your headlights restored by experts instead of getting them replaced.

Cracked and busted headlight lenses require immediate replacement, but grimy ones don’t. As long as restoration is possible and practical, SmartFilm will keep maintaining your headlights for you.

3. Frequently Asked Questions on Car Window Tinting

The car window tints we use are made of polyethylene terephthalate or PET, a type of multi-layer polymer resin that has various properties, including UV-resistance. It reduces the amount of light and heat that passes through. The darker the tint, the less UV rays that penetrate your car.

SmartFilm offers a broad range of VLT percentages (the higher the VLT, the lighter or clearer the window tint is). Choose according to your preferences and needs. If privacy is a priority, you can go dark with your side and rear windows. If, however, you prefer that all your windows are evenly tinted, choose window tints that are 33% VLT or higher.

Yes, there are. Arizona tinting laws mandate that tints for windshields must be non-reflective and that they and front side windows should allow more than 33% of light to pass through. This means that your windshield and front side window tints should be 33% VLT or higher (back side and rear windows may be completely dark).

We have a systematic approach to car window tinting in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, AZ. Like with our other tinting services, we start with a site inspection and cleaning. Once the prep is done, our specialists hand-cut the window tint sheet from the outside of the glass and then stick it from the inside. This strategy protects the tint from scratches and ensures it lasts as long as possible.

It’s natural for car windows to look a little hazy right after tinting. The window tint sheets need time (often days) to cure. Afterward, the haze should completely clear up. What’s not natural or acceptable is window tints turning yellow or purple. Discoloration indicates poor quality tints or incorrect installation. You can rest assured that your car windows will neither be hazy nor discolored with SmartFilm. We use only quality window tints in Arizona.

We can install auto window tints in two to four hours, depending on the size, number, and design of your windows.

4. Frequently Asked Questions on Windshield Repair and Replacement

Original Equipment Manufacture glass is the windshield used by your vehicle’s manufacturer. We use OEM glass whenever possible to preserve your car’s value and the driving quality that you are used to.

Only a few aftermarket windshields live up to OEM standards and quality. They may look the same and fit in the same space, but there’s no guarantee that they can also provide the level of structural integrity and rigidity that your original windshield does. A slight decrease in the thickness and impact resistance might be negligible on print but could mean life and death when you’re driving at more than 70 miles per hour.

Tiny (no bigger than a silver dollar) or surface-level chips on the glass are tolerable, but if visible and distracting cracks emerge, you should consider windshield repair. Larger breaks that get into the driver’s line of vision and cracks longer than 18 inches would merit a replacement. Feel free to discuss your options with SmartFilm’s windshield replacement and repair experts in Mesa, Arizona.

On average, it takes us about an hour to install a new windshield. The period may vary, however, depending on your car’s model. The more complex the design and cut of your OEM, the longer it will take our team to finish—possibly up to three hours. Rest assured that we will work efficiently while maintaining quality.

Our service begins with a consultation and assessment of your vehicle. We need to get its precise make and model so we can source the appropriate OEM glass as a replacement for your damaged windshield. Once everything is set, we will lay out protective coverings inside your car to protect them from debris or broken glass.

We do a full cutout, then remove the old glass using windshield-appropriate suction cups. We also get rid of the old urethane sealer from the frame to prevent moisture and air leaks due to the weathered sealant.

Our technicians will then clean and prime the glass before putting it in place using the right tools and equipment. We go over every inch of the windshield’s edges and make sure the urethane adhesive forms a bubble-less, seamless seal all throughout. Next, we wipe off the excess urethane and clean the entire surface before finally popping in the weather sealant and molding.

Our auto shop in Mesa, Arizona has the necessary equipment and materials for fixing cracks on windshields. Much like how we replace windshields, we assess the damage, prep the interiors of the vehicle, and clean the damaged areas first. Using a special applicator, we then fill the cracks and holes with resin. We then leave the car out under the sun or use a UV lamp for the curing period.

We use quick-drying adhesive for broken windshield repair and replacement, so your car will be ready in about an hour. We will advise you, however, if your new windshield needs more time to be ready for the road.

5. Frequently Asked Questions on Commercial Window Tints

We offer window tints with different visible light transmission (VLT) levels. The tints we use are similar to the ones we install in cars and residential properties. These are quality tints that meet practical and aesthetic goals.

Window tints are available in varying degrees of transparency. When you choose a window tint for your establishment, we’ll ask you to select a specific VLT or film level. These are percentages that indicate the amount of light that can pass through the tint. A high VLT means plenty of light may penetrate, while a low VLT implies the opposite. So as a rule of thumb, the higher the VLT, the clearer your window tints will be.

On average, a square foot of window tint can cost around five to seven dollars, including materials and labor. SmartFilm can give you a variety so you can choose the tint that fits your budget and meets your needs. Call us anytime to request a quote and discuss pricing.

With proper care, window tints can last for a decade, even two. SmartFilm’s high-quality window tints can last that long without discoloration or distortion, too.

Tinted windows can lend a premium look to an establishment, especially for offices and service-oriented businesses. They give passersby a peek at what you’re offering, inviting them to come inside and try it for themselves. At the same time, the tints provide a semblance of privacy, so customers who are already in your premises don’t feel self-conscious about being seen by the public.

Additionally, tinted windows can help you cut down lighting and heating costs; reduce sun damage to your furniture and help regulate the temperature. These will be beneficial if you’re selling perishable goods and items that degrade with exposure to heat.

After receiving your inquiry and request for a meeting, our installation team will visit your premises to inspect the windows and doors that require tinting. We’ll take measurements and recommend VLT levels that would be ideal given your location or business type. We will then give you a ballpark estimate of the materials and installation cost. If you’re agreeable with the pricing, we will then discuss the best time to come and install your window tints. We will aim for a day and time that will be least disruptive to your business

Our experienced technicians can install window tint sheets on any type of windows, including skylights and tempered and double-pane glass.

After receiving your inquiry and request for a meeting, our installation team will visit your premises to inspect the windows and doors that require tinting. We’ll take measurements and recommend VLT levels that would be ideal given your location or business type. We will then give you a ballpark estimate of the materials and installation cost. If you’re agreeable with the pricing, we will then discuss the best time to come and install your window tints. We will aim for a day and time that will be least disruptive to your business.

6. Frequently Asked Questions on Home Window Tints

Yes, they are. Car window tints have numerous applications, and one of them is for household use.

The tints we use for residential clients are thin, laminate films made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET. It is a form of thermoplastic polymer resin with high tensile strength. These sheets are very versatile, hence their application for vehicles, houses, and commercial establishments.

Film levels are measurements of visible light transmission (VLT) levels. These are percentages that indicate the amount of light that can penetrate a window tint sheet. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint will be. For context, the window tint you see in most band-new cars is at 80% VLT.

We customize our residential window tinting service. This means that regardless of the size of your windows, we can cover every inch of it with your preferred window tint.

Our experienced technicians can install window tint sheets on any type of windows, including skylights and tempered and double-pane glass.

Window tints offer several benefits beyond providing a barrier against the harmful UV rays that enter your home:

  • Help improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Increase your energy savings.
  • Protect your furniture from sun damage.
  • Regulate the radiant energy that enters your home.
  • Maintain indoor temperature at manageable levels.
  • Get rid of the annoying and blinding glare from the late afternoon sun.
  • Strengthen the structural integrity of your window.
  • Prevent your windows from shattering due to a sudden, strong force.
  • Ensure your privacy at home.

We carry a broad selection of residential window tints; you can have your pick from clear and fully transparent to deep tint. Choose based on what you want to accomplish for your rooms. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of window tinting except for blocking the sun, we recommend transparent tints. If, however, you want absolute privacy or want to keep a specific room dim, our dark tints are your best option.

Yes, we can. We can tint sliding glass doors and entry doors with glass side panels.

High-quality window tints, like what we use at SmartFilm, can last for about 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. A loosened edge or corner or a deep scratch can dry out the adhesive underneath. This causes the sheet to detach from the glass earlier than the expected expiration year.

Clean your tinted windows using a soft sponge or cloth. Avoid using abrasive sponges and cleaning liquids that contain ammonia (the compound can damage window tints and accelerate their deterioration with constant use). Alcohol-based cleaners, on the other hand, are safe to use.

Only clean your windows with water after the recommended dry-out period. If the glass looks hazy, it means the curing period is still ongoing; the glass should look immaculate and clear afterward.

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