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How UV Window Tint Protects Your Leather Tints

There’s a saying that a car’s interior says a lot about its owner. They’re often meticulous if they try their best not to get any food crumbs or coffee spills on it. But regardless of whether they are fickle or not, the majority of car owners do their best to provide their upholstery with sun protection. 

No matter how many times you clean it, if you can’t protect it from the sun, damage is almost inevitable. Without UV protection, your leather seats may end up cracking and discolored. And in order to avoid this from happening, drivers use UV films for tinting car windows! 

Defining UV Films

Among the varieties of window films available in the market, UV shield offer the best UV protection among the variety of window films. It features a high percentage of UV blocking depending on its tinting percentage and can help in reducing heat. 

This window film for UV protection is designed to absorb or reflect the rays before it enters the vehicle. Its ceramic technology is effective enough to prevent UV damage — so much so that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends uv-tinted windows or window tinting as part of a proactive skin care program. 

Car tinting can be great not just in protecting your car’s upholstery, but in protecting your skin as well! 

How The Sun Damages You and Your Car

It’s common knowledge that 99% of UV rays are harmful for leather seats but aside from cracked and discolored upholstery, it poses a more serious threat to drivers. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the general American population is at risk of skin damage on a daily basis. This is because the average American is said to spend 55 minutes of their day driving 15,000 miles per year. And despite the feeling protected by their windows, they are actually exposed to harmful UV rays. 

A point often overlooked on UV rays is that there are two of its kind; UVA and UVB. Both can lead to skin cancer but the difference between them is that UVA has a longer wavelength in comparison to UVB. A normal car window can typically reject UVB rays but studies have shown that they are unable to fully block UVA rays due to its ability to penetrate glass. And to make things worse, UVA accounts for 95% of the light that reaches our skin. 

This means drivers are still exposed to high risk sun damage despite being indoors. Not only can the sun ruin your upholstery, it also threatens the overall health of its passengers.

Why You Should Tint Your Car

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of window tints available in the market. And regardless of whether you choose a UV tint or a different kind of window film, window tinting provides several additional benefits in general. 

Not only does it reject UV or reduce heat and glare, it offers so much more to car owners across the region! 

Tints Increased Privacy

One great thing about window tinting is it also increases the security of your vehicle. It prevents outsiders from looking into your cars and the valuables left there, avoiding any sort of burglary from happening. 

This is one of the main reasons why majority of car owners swear by window tinting — aside from protecting their leather seats from being damaged by the sun. By tinting your windows, you feel much safer knowing potential thieves won’t be able to see the content of your vehicle. 

Films Keeps the Heat at Bay

Ultraviolet rays don’t just damage your skin and your leather seats — it also turns your vehicle into a mobile sauna. 

Window tinting is a pretty common practice for hotter regions like Arizona for it helps keep their cars cooler during the warm summer days. UV tinting can help reduce the heat by up to 70%. Aside from this, car owners also end up saving more money by using their air conditioning less.

Tinting Keeps Glass Safe

Whenever car accidents happen, there’s a large possibility of window glass shattering all over passengers. To avoid this from happening, drivers tint their cars and with window tinting, the glass should stay together during minor or major accidents. 

Admittedly, car accidents aren’t something most people often think about but it’s surely something drivers should keep in mind. The flying shards of glass can further add injuries to passengers.

Films Makes It More Fun to Drive

There is a common misconception that drivers do window tinting for the sake of aesthetics alone — and it’s not exactly wrong. 

Not only do window tints come in different types, they also come in different colors! Keep your car looking flawless and cool with its added accent and greatly maintained leather seats!

Cars are great investments and though window tinting seems like an unnecessary additional expense, it actually adds more value to your investment. Keep your car looking cool with UV tints!

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