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Here’s Why UV Window Films for Homes Are Worth The Investment

With the new decade coming in fast, nothing beats the idea of welcoming the fresh start with home improvement! And because redecorating and refurbishing can cost quite a lot, families try their best to keep everything new-looking for as long as possible with the help of UV window film.

Unfortunately, a large majority of us are unaware of the sneaky destroyer that enters our homes every single day — harmful UV rays. Unknown to many homeowners, too much exposure to UV rays can be dangerous to common fabrics, furnishings and even artworks. Afterwards, your newly renovated home can look pretty dated, fast. The color of your fabrics, carpets as well as your hardwood floors can fade while other antiques like works of art can suffer discoloration if not protected from the sun.

Furthermore, UVA rays can also harm your family. Aside from destroying your furnishings, it can cause damage to the eyes and skin as well — which could then result to skin cancer, at the worse. With this in mind, the question then becomes how do we protect ourselves from this seemingly unavoidable risk? By installing residential window tinting!

Residential UV Films

Just like car window tinting, there are about a dozen kinds of films with different features available for homes. There are security films that are meant to keep your home safe and decorative films that enhances the look glass windows. But one of the most commonly purchased kinds of residential tint are UV light blocking window films.

UV films help block ultraviolet rays and helps keep homes cool while still letting in much needed sunlight to your home. Majority of homeowners prefer this type of window tint due to its cost-efficient price and lightweightness. This product can filter out up to 99% UV blocking and can reduce glare.

Dermatologists have revealed that UVA rays — the type of UV light that contributes to the risk of skin cancer — accounts for 95% of the radiation that reaches the Earth. In addition to this, it has the ability to bounce off reflective surfaces like water or glass, making it easier for them to find their way to you. With this in mind, a large majority of them swear by solar window films as it has proven UV protection.

How It Actually Works

Window films, in general, act as an adhesive polyester layer on glass surfaces that come with components that absorbs, scatters, or reflects ultraviolet lights. More often than not, they are embedded with dyes or carbon particles. They are also coated with a layer of magnetic vapor deposited metal.

The lightweight film is often transparent so that tinted windows can still give homeowners great views while protecting them from harmful UV rays. For instance, Llumar Window Films are micro-thin films that ensures heat protection while maintaining the transparency of the glass.

While it may be true that solar UV window films are pretty affordable, the cost to tint differs depending on the square foot of the job and whether you’ll be doing the application itself or you’ll hire the service of professional installation.

Estimates And How to Get Great Deals

Undoubtedly, window tinting cost can be a bit expensive. Not only does the price depend on the type of film you want installed in your windows, but applying the film itself comes with a separate cost.

On an average, residential window tinting ranges from $5 to $8 per square foot. Homeowners commonly spend at least $311 to $172 overall for professional installations. Now, it’s important to realize that the aforementioned estimates are subjective to the type, brand, and extent of the tint job itself. The numbers given can be pretty intimidating but luckily, there are ways to find cheaper tinting services.

For one, should you come to the decision of tinting your windows, don’t be afraid to ask around once you’ve decided which home windows will be tinted. Check out the different UV window film costs in your area and see which one will work best for you. Afterwards, you can make a list of possible options that fits into your targeted expenses.

Why You Should Tint Your Homes

Frankly speaking, there’s a split opinion on home window tinting — some swear by it while some see it as just additional expense that don’t really do much. After reading the average costs of home window tinting, you can’t help but ask if you really want to spend that much just to avoid UV rays.

Well, in reality, UV protection is not the sole function of home tints. A point often overlooked is that there are several ways for your home to benefit from UV window films. For example, its natural adhesive can help prevent shattered glass from turning into sharp projectiles during unexpected incidents. Be it because of natural disasters like storms or earthquakes or cases of burglaries, your windows can be extremely dangerous when subjected to pressure. Furthermore, its cooling properties can help you save less by lowering the need for air conditioning during the summer!

Our homes are our greatest investments — not only because large sums of money were spent on it but because it serves as a foundation for great memories for our families. It’s our own little environment and we’re pretty sure none of us would like to see it damaged or destroyed.

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