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Why You Need a UV Window Tint For Your Home

UV protection is crucial for anyone located in Arizona since the area experiences an average of 259 sunny days a year. UV rays can cause a serious amount of damage to building interiors, furniture, and flooring, and they’re also hazardous for human health. That’s why UV window tint is a choice that makes sense with Phoenix homes and businesses. UV protection film blocks out 99.9% of UV rays, keeping the people and objects you care about safe from the sun’s damaging rays.


Harmful UV Rays

When you think about the sun, you probably picture picnics at the park, relaxing by the poolside or enjoying an outdoor barbecue. Even though sunlight provides the perfect lighting for outdoor recreation—not to mention mood-boosting doses of vitamin D—there are certain aspects of sun exposure that are not so favorable.

UV radiation from sunlight has a lot of potentially harmful effects. UV rays can do serious damage to the skin, and in the case of prolonged or extreme exposure, this radiation can cause skin cancer and melanoma. However, health isn’t the only concern when it comes to UV exposure. 

UV can also have harmful effects on your material possessions, including your furniture. It’s important to understand what kind of damage UV rays can do to your furniture and what you can do to protect your belongings from sun damage.


Prevent Fading in Furniture & Flooring

UV rays are an invisible form of radiation that is emitted from high energy objects, particularly from the sun. The sun gives off massive quantities of UV rays, and this radiation is capable of doing quite a bit of damage in a number of contexts.

Most people are familiar with the association between UV exposure and skin cancer and aging, but many overlook how much damage UV can do to the furniture in your home. Color fading has to do with the chemicals that are present in a given object. 

Chromophores, which can be found in the dyes that are used in textiles and fabrics, are color components that absorb light. When we see a color, we are actually seeing the wavelengths that are being reflected by specific chemical bonds.

The reason that UV rays can alter the color of furniture and cause fading is that they actually alter the chemical bonds in some objects. UV radiation can break down the bonds in objects, which causes the appearance of bleaching or fading. Furniture is especially susceptible to UV fading, which is why it’s so important to keep all of your possessions protected. You can do this by investing in home window tinting

Tinting your home’s windows can provide protection for your furniture and it can also protect you from the harmful health complications associated with prolonged UV exposure. Having your windows tinted is an affordable investment that is well worth it in the long run.

We are in a city where the sun is constantly out. If you have furniture that is located near the windows or a sunny area of your home, you have to be careful about UV rays. UV rays can destroy your furniture, flooring, and artwork and cause a serious amount of fading and heat damage. 

That’s why UV protection window film makes sense for your home. UV protection film prevents damage to interior surfaces and furniture by keeping UV rays out of your building.


Protect Your Skin, Eyes & Health

There are several negative effects of UV light on humans. Increasing the risk of skin cancer is the most well-known of these, with about 90 percent of skin cancers being down to UV radiation (mainly UV-B, but UV-A rays are implicated too). UV rays also cause sunburn, damaging the skin cells and causing extra blood flow to the affected area, which leads to the reddened skin typical of sunburn.

The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from pathogens. It’s generally thought that UV radiation suppresses this system to some extent. The functioning and distribution of the white blood cells are affected up to a day after sunlight exposure. Additionally, excessive exposure may have even greater effects. UV light transmission can also impact the tissues of your eye, effectively burning them.

Even when you’re indoors, you’re still at risk of being exposed to UV rays from sunlight entering your windows. Too much exposure to these powerful rays can be detrimental to the health of a building’s occupants. It can potentially result in the onset of serious diseases such as skin cancer, corneal damage, immune system suppression, and premature aging. 

But with window film, you never have to worry about UV rays when you’re at work or in your home. Window film blocks out 99% of UV rays, reducing heat, and keeping the people you care about safe from the sun’s damaging rays.


Receive an Estimate on Window Film

Get the protection you need for your home or office today. At Smartfilm, we understand how beneficial window film installation can be in commercial, residential and automotive contexts. For years, we have been assisting all kinds of customers with their window tinting and heat reduction needs. Visit our website to discover more UV rejection types of window tint for your home.

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