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What Is the Best Time of Year in AZ for Window Tint Installation?

In AZ, automotive window tint is always a good idea, but there’s also an ideal time to install window tint on your vehicle for the best and longest-lasting results for your money.

Common Problems with Booking Window Tint Installation

Summer in AZ means window tint demands skyrocket. With our extreme heat and sunlight of summer, we’re reminded of how beneficial vehicle window tinting is to our driving comfort and the health of both our bodies and our cars. This means that Valley drivers are all booking installation appointments at the same time, leading to fewer tinting resources, less availability, and higher rates.

We recommend calling early during the day (around opening time), scheduling your appointment on a weekday (preferably earlier during the week), and prepaying for your installation.

When to Schedule Your Window Tint Installation

Fall and winter are the best AZ seasons for scheduling window tint installation. During the colder months of the year, less people are thinking about installing or replacing their automotive window tinting. It’s during these slower months that professional tint shops have more time and resources to give your installation the attention needed to ensure the best results possible.

Additionally, you’ll also find cheaper installation rates during this time of year, as summer is often the season that shops capitalize on the demand for window tinting–especially in our scorching desert climate.

Book your window tint installation today for the best rates and scheduling possible!

Call Smartfilm, AZ’s Trusted Window Tint Experts!

Whether you want to wait until the perfect time of year to schedule your window tinting session or whether you need your tinting fixed pronto, there’s no denying that automotive window tint is an effective, low-cost vehicle upgrade that you won’t regret investing in. Contact our office today and set up an appointment with our Smartfilm technicians for your AZ window tint installation!

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