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7 Signs of a Bad Car Tint Installation That Needs Replacing

Most car owners would probably agree that getting the best window tint is a priority car upgrade. Despite the price that comes with car window tinting, it is a fact that its benefits justify its seemingly high price. Hence, vehicle owners rarely second-guess about getting a car tint installation.

Aside from looking posh and cool, these aforementioned justified benefits are the following: Car window tints provide safety and security, safekeeping valuables, and minimizing the risk of the glass shattering during unfortunate accidents. Tints can also block the sun’s heat (and serve as UV protection) that is known to damage car interiors and make your driving unbearably hot during summer.

Indeed, there are many benefits to having window car tinting, if not done properly, a bad tint job will make even the classiest cars look awful. As tempting as it might be to choose DIY tinting and low-quality tints to save money, it is still wiser to go with the experts for reliable and professional car tinting services, and if you happened to be unsure of a recent car tint job, this article would talk about the signs of a poorly done car tinting.

Aside from appearing botched, here is how you can be sure that you have had a bad car tint installation so that you can replace it asap.

  1. There are gaps and uneven surface

You need to look at how close the car tint film is to the window edge. Should there be significant gaps and uneven lines, then that simply means that the service that installed your car tint failed to use a computerized template to pre-cut pieces of the film.

  1. Faded purple tint

This is perhaps the most basic sign that you have got yourself a cheap tint. These low-quality window tints will fade to purple over time as the dyed film fades. In simpler terms, this type of tint that turns purple is low-quality tint made of cheap materials.

  1. There are annoying bubbles

Cheap tint films would develop bubbles as they might have used cheap adhesive as well. Sure, you might think that these are only bubbles however, large bubbles can ruin your car’s appeal and small bubbles (especially when many) can impair your clear vision when driving.

  1. There would be peeling and misalignment

Most car windows have textured dots that prevent window tint film from sticking. So, if the window film is not properly installed and does not stick, it would result in a misaligned line at your dot matrix.

  1. There is more heat transfer

Instead of protecting you, bad and cheap window tinting would allow more heat inside your vehicle, even if it’s a darker shade. This would cause you more harm than ever. So, to see how much heat is coming through, you need to place one hand on the interior side of your window and then one hand outside. If your interior feels just as scorching as the heat outside, you will know it has failed to block UV rays and infrared light.

  1. An increase in fuel usage

The best car window tint works to save your fuel as they make the inside of your car as well as your engine cooler. Keep in mind that a cooler interior means a well-rested AC, saving you extra juice. If you happen to run out of fuel faster than before, this could mean that your car tinting has failed you in this aspect.

  1. Damaged car interior

Car tints also work to protect your car interior from being damaged because of harmful UV rays. So, if you notice that your interior is cracking and peeling, then your window tinting is no longer effective thus needing a replacement asap.

What your window car tint should be

Just like a bad car tint installation, you’ll notice a good scratch-resistant car tint job when you see it. First off, there are small and polished edges. The window tint film must have clean, consistent lines close to the edge of the windowpane. An expert tint installer must use computerized templates to pre-cut the film and provide a clean and even line. 

Also, to prevent unfortunate gaps and bubbles around the defroster bars, experts must ensure the film is well placed and firmly applied. Lastly, no matter how dark the shade is, high-quality tint films are always more durable and effective at blocking the sun’s heat and UV rays than cheap window tint films.

Remember darker shades films doesn’t equate to quality tints

Assuming that a darker tint has the best heat-blocking properties is a mistake. Yes, as a general rule, the darker the tint, the greater the heat reduction, but a high-quality nano-ceramic tint is more efficient. That means a lighter shade can still be more effective in UV blocking than a cheap dark tint.

(Also check how dark the laws allow you to go with your tints here)

Nothing ruins the looks of your precious and sweet car like a botched car tint installation. You do not want this, no one does. 

So, choose a professional tint installation service near you. Choose Smarfilm. Visit our website and get a free quote today.

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