Protect Your Eyesight Against the Arizona Sun with Auto Film!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One thing that all drivers in Arizona should be aware of is UV radiation. UV rays are one of the many types of light that make up the electromagnetic spectrum and come into contact with our skin and eyes through the sunlight. Too much exposure to UV rays can have serious consequences on our health and lead to diseases like melanoma and cancer. One way that drivers can stay protected from UV rays in Mesa is with auto glass tinting.

Auto glass tinting helps decrease the presence of UV rays in your vehicle and can keep you and your family safe while driving. Window film uses what’s called spectrally selective technology to filter and control light. While a generous amount of visible light is allowed to pass through window film, UV rays are blocked out.

Limiting your exposure to UV rays while driving is incredibly important for maintaining good health. Especially in Arizona, many drivers are subjected to hours’ worth of UV exposure each day. All the time that drivers spend stuck in traffic on the 60 or the 202 during rush hour is also time spent in the sunlight.

Over the years, all the time spent driving in the sunlight can amount to serious damage to one’s skin and eyes. One common way that we see the effects of too much sun in Arizona is premature aging and sunspots, though the damage can become much worse over time. Uv rays affect our skin at the cellular level and can eventually lead to cellular mutations that result in cancer.

The Harmful Damage of UV Rays

There are few things that are much better than an initial couple of days of sunshine after a long, dark, chilly winter month. After what looks like a countless winter, the initial days of spring in May, as well as June, have every part of our bodies yearning the sunlight, from the plain winter haze that has actually shadowed our way of thinking, to our light skin that is just craving a radiant tan.

Nevertheless, before you go out right into the sunshine to soak up the UV rays, it’s important to comprehend the underlying dangers that are concealing behind that tempting summer sunshine.

For our fragile vision particularly, the sunlight’s UV rays can trigger considerable, resilient damages that are typically collective and also irreparable. For that reason, it’s more important than ever that we practice proper precaution when we are out in the sunshine, or even when we go out on overcast days.

To help you find out more regarding the importance of UV safety during the month of May and all summer long, here are 7 important truths concerning sunlight damage and also our vision.

1. There are three sorts of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB as well as UVC. Nonetheless, only UVA and UVB rays can travel through the environment and also onto the Earth’s surface area. Once they do reach the Earth, UVA rays make up to 95% of UV radiation. While these rays may be much less intense than UVB rays, they are 30-50 times most likely to create long-term, extreme damages to the skin.

2. 94% of people do not know that direct exposure to ultraviolet light can be harmful to their eyes. This is exceptionally dangerous due to the fact that our eyes are exposed to UV light 365 days a year, even when we may not be in complete sunshine. As an example, 40% of UV exposure occurs on cloudy or cloudy days, when you think that the sunlight is not hazardous. Nonetheless, cloudy days are actually when UV rays can be the most unsafe.

3. Our eyes are our body’s only inner cells that are straight exposed to UV radiation.

4. 5-10% of skin cancer occurs on our eyelids, which can not only threaten our total wellness yet can likewise cause premature aging and wrinkles. As a matter of fact, 90% of visible premature aging that occurs around our eyes is created largely by UV damages from the sunlight.

5. Putting on safety glasses is one of the simplest, yet most effective protection for your eyes against UV damage. While UV-protection sunglasses are, by far, the most effective alternative for protecting your vision, also clear UV-protection glasses are far better than putting on nothing. As a matter of fact, UV safety glasses (despite having clear lenses) can also assist to postpone the onset of cataracts.

In order to safeguard yourself and your vision from the threats of UV radiation, make certain to use UV-protection sunglasses or a hat that covers your eyes whenever you are outside, particularly throughout the sunny months.

Window Films Help with Protecting Eyesight

UV radiation levels inside an auto differ relying on elements such as whether the side windows are open or closed and the position of the lorry in connection with the sunlight. UV radiation levels are typically much lower inside the vehicle than outdoors in full sunshine 3.

Laminated glass, utilized for front windscreens, as well as tempered glass, generally made use of for side and rear windows, both block UVB radiation 1, 3. Nonetheless, UVA transmission depends on the kind of glass. Laminated windshields, made from a hard plastic layer bound in between 2 panes of glass, give better defense against UV radiation compared to tempered glass, obstructing 98% of UVA radiation 3.

In contrast, toughened-up glass (which provides greater toughness and decreases shattering, and is made use of for side as well as back home windows), enables the transmission of considerably more UVA radiation. However, the quantity transferred can differ commonly relying on the density and color of the glass 1. Price quotes of UVA transmission with tempered glass array as high as 79% 3.

Clear or colored movies can lower the quantity of total UV radiation permeating the toughened up glass by over 99% 3. Tinting is recommended for job vehicles where practicable. The public must additionally consider the sunlight safety advantages of window tinting for their vehicle.

Additionally, textile side window covers can provide color and also UV protection. These steps are typically found to be useful in giving additional UV defense for kids as well as infants traveling in the vehicle.

Contact Smartfilm in Mesa for Auto Glass Tinting

It’s important to be conscious of our time spent in the sunlight and to take precautionary steps to protect our health. One way that you can protect your family from UV rays is with auto glass tinting.

At Mesa’s Smartfilm Az, auto glass tinting is a service that we provide and specialize in. If you are interested in auto glass tinting or would like to learn more about the UV protection benefits of automotive window film, please contact our office. One of our staff members would be more than happy to assist you or provide you with additional information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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