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Why You Shouldn’t Use Towels For Cleaning: Clear Bra Truck

For truck lovers, protecting their vehicles means driving carefully and cleaning it regularly —  it’s just part of the process. Unfortunately, not a lot of them know that the latter part of their routine causes more damage than solution. 

So, if even the simple act of cleaning the exteriors of your front bumper causes damage, how can drivers protect their vehicles better? Well, they can use paint protection films! Today, we’ll be discussing how dry towels can cause the same paint damage as rock chips do and how clear bras can help!

To start, let’s answer the question of does clear bras really work by understanding how they work! 

How Clear Bras For Trucks Work

If this is your first time hearing about paint protection films or clear bras, let SmartFilm introduce you to your truck’s ultimate protector! Similar to window tinting, it uses use urethane film to protect a vehicle’s paint job against abrasive materials that can cause scratches and other damages — that includes the material of your dry towels. 

The film installed on cars is resistant to corrosion and other acidic contaminants often found in bird droppings. It acts as a barrier between your truck’s actual paint job and harmful objects. Should a rock chip hit your vehicle, clear bras are flexible enough to retain its original shape as if nothing happened.

What makes it even great is that it often comes in clear form that’s almost undetectable by the naked eye. You don’t have to worry about the vibe of your truck changing when installing paint protection!

By the look of things, it doesn’t seem like normal dry towels have any material in them that makes them bad right? Unfortunately, they do. 


Why Dry Towels Are Actually Bad

Most towels are not designed to be used on vehicle paint. They’re abrasive and scratchy even if they feel soft to the touch. Even microfiber cloths can scratch your paint and leave you with a lackluster polish. 

To make things worse, as dirt and debris don’t always wash off easily, they can get stuck on the towel fibers. And instead of removing them, you end up rubbing it up even more — which can then make things worse for your paint job!

But by installing a clear bra on your truck,  it creates a protective layer between the towel and your paint. If the towel does manage to scratch anything, it will scratch it instead, not the paint and polish underneath.


How Much Does It Cost to Put A Clear Bra On A Truck

So, they do work and it’s safe to say that they’re an investment. But now, we need to talk about the more important stuff, the clear bracost.

At first glance, it seems like installation comes with a hefty price — but in reality, it really depends on three things; the model of your truck, the quality of the clear bra film and its installation! 

For one, the amount of surface you want the film to cover easily determines your base price. The bigger the space is, the more car wrap you need. Secondly, the type of paint protection adds to that base price. If you want to use a higher-tiered film, you’ll have to spend more. 

Lastly, the installation adds to the final price tag. Because of the rising demand for window tints and paint protection, there are readily available kits in the market that allow drivers to install everything themselves! 

For example, there are Xpel Ultimate or Xpel Stealth for sale that are definitely cheaper when compared to professional installation. But keep in mind that the latter comes with efficient service that can help you in the long run! 

Ultimately, the answer to your question of how much does it cost to clear bra a truck will depend on your budget. So before making any major decision, spend some time looking up all of the options you have so that you can ensure you’re getting a great deal! 


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Installing a clear bra on your truck is one of the best ways to keep it looking great and preserve its resale value. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and see the difference that a clear bra can make on your ride. We’ll handle everything from the measurements to the installation and always stand behind our work.

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