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How Much Should A Clear Bra Car Cost? Price Breakdown

Frankly speaking, no one likes a scratched hood or front bumper. But unfortunately, these kinds of scrapes happen too often. Why you ask? Because they’re caused by unavoidable rock chips and other similar road debris.

No matter how careful you drive, you can’t really avoid damage unless you have your entire car wrapped with paint protection film! Now, clear bra films, or paint protection films, have been around for a while but not everyone uses them.

This is because of the common misconception that they cost a lot. But really, how much should a clear bra cost? Today, SmartFilm is here to debunk those claims and provide you with a few more helpful tips in getting the best full car clear bra cost!


Breaking Down The Cost of Paint Protection Film

If your vehicle has been window tinted in the past, then you should have a basic idea of how rates usually go. But if you haven’t, there are three major factors that determine the price of paint protection films; the model of the car, the quality of the urethane film, and the application. 

For example, if your co-worker was able to score a 3M Paint Protection Film for a cheap price, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to get it for the same price. Think about the model and size of the entire vehicle. Ask him about the amount of surface he wanted to cover because the more surface, the more film will be needed. 

And just like window tints, clear bra paint protection film comes in different kinds. Some types of film have more advanced features than other clear bras like having a ceramic coating. Their lifespan and overall quality differ from one another, resulting in different prices. One kind may have a cheaper price tag while the other may be too expensive for your budget. 

Lastly, the installation can drastically affect the cost of clear bras. Going back to the earlier example, if your co-worker was able to spend less despite the size of their car, it might just be because they opted to apply it themselves. 

With several kits already available in the market, drivers can easily do things on their own but if you chose to go to a tint shop like SmartFilm, your spending will surely change. Tint kits are offered for a fraction of the price of professional installation. 

Ultimately, protecting your car doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are several ways you could find yourself a great deal!


Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the price of paint protection film, another frequently asked question is whether they’re really worth it or not. Some people think their cars will be fine without them, while there are those who view them as a must because of their benefits

Ultimately, they’re a great investment especially if you want to take good care of your other investment — your vehicle. It keeps your car looking great and if a great looking vehicle is placed for sale, it can be appraised for a high price! 

Always Get Prices from Multiple Shops

Different shops will charge you different prices for installation. And the best way to figure out how much a clear bra for your car costs is to speak with multiple installation pros. Get estimates from at least three shops and compare their work to find the right fit for your needs. Remember, you’re paying for their experience, their knowledge, and their commitment to their services.

A great film installation pro will stand by their work, offering guarantees for the films they install. But the company you choose may not always be the cheapest option. That’s actually a good thing—car bras are easy to install, but they’re difficult to install well. Choose a company that you’re comfortable with and always consider their experience over their quoted price.


What You’ll Pay Depends on Your Situation

Every car is different and every installation pro will offer you a different price. It’s up to you to decide if the cost of a clear bra on your car is worth it. Think about how much you’d pay to get the paint fixed and get estimates from different companies before making your decision. And stop by SmartFilm serving the greater Phoenix Metro Area.

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