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The Best Paint Protection Film: A Complete Comparison

The color of your car may not be the reason you bought it, but it’s the reason you feel so darn great behind the wheel. That’s why protecting it is one of the most important things you can do. By now, you know that maintaining your paint protection film is the best way to keep your paint job looking as good as new. 

But there are tons of options to choose from. Before you pick a brand, make sure you know what your options are. This article will give you insights about the best paint protection film on the market.


Llumar PPF

Like all car paint protection films, Llumar provides a sturdy buffer between your paint and any potential scratches. And when it’s applied professionally, it blends flawlessly with your vehicle’s finish. You won’t have to worry about passersby noticing the ppf or thinking that your paint looks dull. 

But what makes the Llumar product really stand out from other options on the market is the self-healing technology. Also, if the ppf is scratched, it won’t start peeling up. Instead, it spreads back out and fills in the scratches as soon as the sun warms the ppf up.


Pros: blends flawlessly with the vehicle, self-healing technology, great price

Cons: Might prefer a different brand that’s a more well-known, pretty dark tint

Conclusion: For those looking for the most privacy and security, the Llumar product could be one of the best window tint brands.


3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film 

3M is one of the leading manufacturers of paint protection film product and for good reason: they produce an incredibly durable product. Once appliedd, it lasts for years without any special treatment. Just wash and wax your vehicle like normal.

When the time comes to replace the ppf, it’s easy to remove and won’t damage the paint underneath. Your vehicle will look just as good as it did before you applied the film. Just make sure you have the ppf professionally removed to ensure that your paint stays in pristine condition.

The 3m Scotchgard is a transparent and very thin film (some users say it’s too thin). The transparent ppf can also be applied to the front of your car, acting like a clear bra (to protect your vehicle from debris). Users say the product is extremely sticky and very long-lasting. The ppf is relatively easy to apply. 

We can safely say that 3m paint protection film is our top pick for the greatest paint protection film. It is extremely thin, sticky and comes with a good price. Also, it can be extremely durable, yet it might require the aid of a professional to be applied. 


Pros: long lasting, easy to apply, good pricing

Cons: hard to apply if never done before, can be too thin for some users

Conclusion: Our Top Suggestion for Car Paint Protection Film


Xpel Top Coated PPF

Xpel provides the same level of protection as the aforementioned 3M product, but it’s better for vehicles with darker paint jobs or those with tons of accent details. It sets clear and, when professionally applied, it won’t leave the tell-tale seam that people walking by can easily see on darker paint jobs. Keep in mind that the adhesive is not as robust as 3M and XPEL films. You may need to reapply the ppf sooner, especially if it gets scratched deeply or frequently.

So, the main advantage of using Xpel paint protection film is that it comes with self-healing properties, and it is almost invisible once it is appropriately positioned. Also, there’s the downside that it might be only sold in large quantities (because it’s usually used by professionals).


Pros: self-healing technology, nearly invisible when applied

Cons: Mainly sold in larger quantities

Conclusion: A decent option if you are a professional and in need of a lot of ppfs.



Another extremely qualitative paint protection film is the one distributed by XPEL. This manufacturer specializes in automotive paint and paint protection, making it the go-to distributor for protection films. The transparent polyurethane film is available in three distinct sizes with a thickness of 8 mils.

If we compare the most professional films on the market, the XPEl and 3M, we would notice that the XPEL film is even more transparent than the 3M. However, 3M protective film can be better at protecting car paint.


Pros: preferred by qualified installers, self-healing feature, high quality

Cons: there might be better options to protect the vehicle’s paint

Conclusion: one of our favorite protection film and brands. You can’t go wrong choosing for XPEL.


VViViD Clear Paint Protection Film

This car paint protection film from VViViD is cost-effective, has decent quality, but we most certainly suggest other brands instead of this. The protective film was designed to be easily applicable. This means it can stretch without using a heat gun. It comes with an air-release acrylic-based adhesive and is also extremely resistant to abrasions, or light damage.

Because of its cheap price and good durability, the VViViD Clear Film is a decent product. That said, we believe it’s inferior to other brands like 3M, and XPEL.


Pros: cheap, easy to apply, resistant

Cons: better options on the market

Conclusion: A good choice if you are on a budget. There are better options though.


Karlor Vinyl Wrap Film

The Karlor’s Vinyl Film is the least expensive protective paint film on this list. The film is an acrylic-based adhesive easy to reposition during installation. The manufacturer says it could last between 4 to 7 years, yet we still recommend other alternatives, such as the 3M brand.

While the Karlor film is not backed by a reputable manufacturer like 3M, it is inexpensive, easy to apply and it will protect your vehicle from scratches.


Pros: inexpensive, easy to install

Cons: not as durable and long-lasting, not the best quality

Conclusion: A decent option if you are on a budget, but not the best


To sum up: the benefits of using PPF

A paint protection film can prevent a lot of unnecessary damage to your vehicle. It is resistant to rock chip damage, and it blocks UV rays discoloring to the vehicle’s paint. Also, it acts as a shield against scratches, it protects your vehicle keeping your car as good as new. If your worried about whether the ppf will affect the look of your vehicle’s surfaces, it won’t.

Ppfs act as an invisible cover for your vehicle and depending on the type of protective film it can offer additional benefits! It can offer long-lasting usage and little to no maintenance without looking too obvious or bulky. Also, most ppfs have hydrophobic properties, meaning liquids and other contaminants will run off the vehicle’s surface. You no longer have to worry about awful streaks on your paint job!

Finding the best car ppf can be a lot of work. With so much searching for the appropriate information on each product, finding the perfect product for your vehicle can take a while. 


How to install protective films on your vehicle

It is always tempting to install a protective layer of the best car paint protection coating on your car by yourself. But we highly recommend you use an experienced film installer to do this and protect your ceramic coating and your paint surface from everything including bird droppings. Always remember that it is more important on how you install the film, rather than the manufacturer you choose. Of course, we suggest you opt for qualitative protection films such as 3M or XPEL for the best way to protect car paint.

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