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What Is Clear Bra? Explaining Car Paint Protection Films

Your vehicle is one of your most important and valuable investments. Hence, it’s important for you to take steps in protecting the body of your vehicle to keep it looking brand new and beautiful. And one great way of ensuring your car’s paint stays protected from road hazards is clear bra!

At Smartfilm, we always recommend car bras for Mesa drivers because of the extreme driving conditions of the desert. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of clear bra paint protection and just exactly how it works.

Defining Clear Bra

Clear bra, commonly known as paint protection film, acts as an invisible shield for your car. Wikipedia defines it as a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of new or used vehicles. 

A car bra is incredibly strong and durable. Owners are able to protect the paint of their vehicles against all types of hazards that can chip or scratch paint like flying rock chips, loose gravel, road salt, and even insects. Furthermore, recent improvements in technology have made the invisible bra almost undetectable. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into whether clear bras for cars are worth it!

Paint Protection Film Vs The World

It’s often easy to get lost in the world of car paint protection and its several features like window tints and ceramic coatings. Drivers often fall prey into confusing other forms of automotive paint protections with clear bra. 

With this in mind, we’ve created a quick guide on differentiating paint protection films and other paint safeguards.

Paint Sealant

One common misconception is that paint sealant works just as effectively as clear bra. While paint sealant may be effective at minimizing minor damages, there is no wax or sealant in existence that provides the same level of protection as it does. Additionally, paint sealants typically last only 6-12 months whereas it has an average lifetime of at least 7-10 years.

Vinyl Wraps

Most of our customers ask us if paint protection films are the same with vinyl wraps. The truth is that represents a polyurethane clear compound, designed to protect vulnerable areas while driving and comes with two clear options: glossy or matte. 

This is entirely different from vinyl wraps as they  are designed to offer a complete makeover to any vehicle. It is more affordable than a custom paint job but its price depends on how elaborate the graphics are. 

Therefore, it doesn’t alter your car’s appearance while vinyl wraps is meant to cover the entire vehicle to offer a fresh, new look.

Of course, both are useful for any car, only if they are installed by a trained professional. If you are seeking to protect your car against damage from UV rays as well as wear and tear, our advice is to opt for clear bra installation with the aid of one of our experts.

Benefits of Paint Protection Films

In Arizona, you can never be sure what kind of hazards you’ll encounter on the road. Flying rocks from semi-trucks, loose tar and gravel, and even scratching from cactus spine are just some of the many hazards that Mesa drivers face. Car bras or paint protection films can provide your vehicle with the protection you need and offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Aesthetics: It gives your vehicle an alluring glossy finish and keeps it looking newer for longer.
  • Resale value: It protects the resale value of your vehicle by preventing damage to the paint.
  • Peace of mind: You can drive confidently in all types of road conditions without worrying about your vehicle’s paint being scratched or ruined.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Bras

Undoubtedly, providers often end up receiving a large volume of questions on paint protection films and its use. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the frequent queries to help you out in making a decision!

Why Does It Matter in Mesa?

Your vehicle represents one of your most used assets, which is why protecting it against damage is more than necessary. It must be remembered that car bras are meant to prevent several paint damages that can occur due to gravel or dirt. It is a long-term investment, as it can last for several years if installed and maintained correctly.

Furthermore, professional clear bra installation can preserve the value of a vehicle! Having paint protection films installed helps the already installed automotive window tint boost its trade-in value.

Where Can It Be Applied?

Car bras is a versatile protection film! As a matter of fact, it can be installed on your hood, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirrors, bumper, door handles, or any other surface on your vehicle’s exterior. 

For in-depth information tailored to your car’s needs, you can request an appointment with one of our professionals. In this case, you will receive an accurate assessment depending on your vehicle’s needs —  along with suggestions in regards to how to protect your vehicle and clear bra costs!

Does It Require Maintenance?

One of the advantages of applying paint protection film  to your vehicle is that it will require little to no maintenance. Washing the surface is down with a liquid-based, mild soap and a wash mitt. You will simply have to wipe the car bra down and remove any debris or bugs that might stick to the film. 

Our experts recommend that you don’t use:

  • Excessive force or rubbing
  • Harsh sponge
  • Detergents with clay in it
  • You don’t use degreasers or powder-based detergents.

Will It Damage the Vehicle’s Paint?

Another frequent question amongst our customers is related to whether or not paint protection films  damages the paint on a vehicle. 

We personally think that if the clear bra protection film is installed by a professional, it shouldn’t come with any negative outcome on the color or clarity of the paint. But car bras can still peel off or blister anytime depending on how much sunlight it’s exposed to.

Should this be happening to you, it’s a clear sign that you’re in need of a replacement!

Receive an Estimate in Mesa

Don’t let your vehicle’s beautiful finish become damaged by Arizona’s constant hazardous driving conditions. Contact Mesa’s paint protection experts at Smartfilm to receive an estimate on clear bra in Mesa, AZ.

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