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Tips in How and Where to Buy Window Tint For Your Car

Did you know there are almost 90% of car owners that are using low-grade car tinting films? That’s because most consumers know how and where to buy window tint.  Usually, many consumers tend to look for the car tint with the highest infrared rejection (IRR) at the lowest possible price

Indeed, this seems like a logical decision and smart strategy. However, consumers still do not know how to determine the performance of the car tint they purchase. They refer to the solar specifications printed on product brochures or take the words from the salesperson. The problem is, no one really questions whether the advertised specifications are true or not.

Now, let’s spend some time to understand how one should choose window tint films. Starting with some deceiving techniques present in the tinting market:


Beware of fake solar specifications

In order to make higher profits, many shops falsify the IRR and Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) scores of their products, raising them to high values and lure consumers into buying fake car tinting films (sometimes even at high prices!). For example, the IRR listed shows 90% but in actual fact, the score is only 20%.

Therefore, by marking up the IRR specification, they are either sold at a high price or lowball the price from RM1250 to RM165, misleading consumers to think that they are getting a good deal but in actual fact, they are being tricked to purchase low-grade films.


Beware of low-grade films

Since all car tints and tinting kits look similar to their appearance, it’s very difficult to differentiate low-grade products from good quality films. Low-grade car tinting films might perform well in the beginning. However, their heat rejection performance will deteriorate, the colour starts to fade away, bubbles and wavy lines will start to appear, soon enough after using the products for 1 year or less.


Beware of swapped off-brand and counterfeit products

Some shops show and test good performance car tints in front of consumers, but swap them with other off-brand products during installation. There are also some shops that are franchises or authorized dealers of reputable brands. However, they sell their house brands or counterfeit products to consumers under the camouflage of famous brands.


Tips in choosing a car tint for your ride

Go with a reputable brand from a professional installer

Reputable brands enlist the help of trusted manufacturers accredited with test reports and certifications. It’s very easy to verify their credibility as manufacturers’ information and their relationship with brand owners or importers are listed on both parties’ websites. It’s just a click away to find out about them. On the other hand, brands without manufacturer information are most likely selling low-grade car tint.


Know more about the manufacturer

It’s of utmost importance to select products produced by reputable manufacturers. That’s because only credible manufacturers will invest in cutting-edge technologies, advanced laboratories and premium raw materials to produce high-quality car tinting films. Besides, only reputable manufacturers have extensive experiences and expertise in using the right formulation to produce good quality car tints with lasting heat rejection performance for up to 7 years.


Don’t forget to check the logo and branding

Branded tinting films often have their logos printed on both the films as well as on the packaging that comes with the films. Typically, off-brand or counterfeit car tints do not have the brand indicated on the films and come in plain boxes.


Be present to test out the film afterwards

Upon the installation of your car tint, insist that the workshop uses a solar meter to test the specifications which are promised by the installer or listed on the box. This is to make sure the right car tint purchased is installed.


It is all up to where you buy tints

In short, be a smart consumer. Pick a car tint shop that is trusted, do your research about the service and test or verify all claims. With these tips in your back pocket, choosing the best car tint to fit your needs and budget is possible. Smartfilm can help you achieve this, contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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