How Dangerous Is a Cracked Windshield?: The Importance of Windshield Repair for Mesa, AZ

How Dangerous Is a Cracked Windshield?: The Importance of Windshield Repair for Mesa, AZ

In our dry, dusty, and hot state of Arizona, it’s all too easy to wind up with a cracked windshield. Whether from dirt or gravel kicked back from a semi on the 202 or from a cold car rinse on a 110°(F) day, you may try to convince yourself that fixing your windshield is not an immediate concern. However, the longer drivers put off their windshield repair, the riskier Mesa, AZ driving becomes for everyone on the road–especially during an accident.

Windshield Repair for Mesa, AZ Accident Injury Risk Reduction

Beyond the aesthetic ugliness of a windshield crack, there are also many risks that come with foregoing windshield repair. Mesa, AZ drivers face a dramatic increase in injury risk during accidents when they drive around with damaged glass. Learn more below about the risks that cracked glass poses during accidents.

Head-On Collision Risks

Intact windshields will distribute the force from head-on collisions to vehicle chassis, away from the driver and passengers. Cracked windshields can shatter during head-on collisions, potentially injuring everyone in the car.

Ejection Risks

In accidents, an ejected person is 3x more likely to perish than those in the vehicle. Seatbelts provide vital protection, but your windshield can also save you from ejection. Cracked windshields can shatter, failing as a barrier and causing injury.

Roll-Over Accident Risks

Windshields support a car’s structure. Skipping a windshield repair exposes Mesa, AZ drivers to a potential roof cave-in during a roll-over accident, leading to injury or fatality.

Airbag Deployment Risks

Intact windshields force airbags to deploy toward you, while damaged windshields prevent lifesaving cushioning from reaching you.

With so many risks involved, it’s simply not worth it to delay getting a windshield repair for your Mesa, AZ vehicle.

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