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8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Best Window Tint

So, you have been thinking about buying yourself a nice window tint because if you aren’t then you won’t be here. Or perhaps you are hoping of getting a new one to replace an old one, regardless, this article provides you with everything you need to help you choose the best window tint for your sweet ride.

First off, there are some important factors to take into consideration. You need to ask yourself these five questions before getting the best tint film.


1. Why are you buying one?

finding the best window filmKnowing why you’re getting something is a good start to figure out what you need. And, there are many good reasons why people want to get the perfect window tint for their vehicle in the area. So, what are your main reasons for buying one?

For the majority of people, it’s easy for aesthetics. People do love the latest look and feel tinted windows provides, not to mention that they value privacy for themselves and their belongings.


What about keeping your ride cool?

Say, if you park your vehicle in direct sun on a humid day, the interior temperature can easily become scorching hot. A window tint film can keep your car’s interior cooler on the said hot summer days. No more blasting your vehicle’s air conditioning for fifteen minutes before you can get comfortable inside your car.

All that heat and sunlight does more than just make your vehicle hot inside, those ultraviolet rays can also easily do damage to your vehicle’s interior.

Speaking of harmful UV rays, are you aware that the left side of your body gets more sun exposure while driving? A longer drive provides you with a higher risk of sun damage and even skin cancer. Thus, finding the best car window tint does not only keep your vehicle’s interior maintained but it keeps you safe too. Ultimately, tinted windows can be considered wise health investment.


2. Which tint is perfect for your needs?

Now that you know why you’re getting the tints in the first place, you can start to easily narrow down your choices of tints and shades. There are different kinds of films available in today’s market, each one created for specific concerns. For example, those who want to improve their privacy, there are films like hybrid tints that target safety and security. Those who want a clear finish for their tinting can easily look for ceramic tints.

Depending on your main reason for tinting, your budget and the tinting laws in your respective state, you’ll be able to easily find the perfect film for your needs! And when it comes to picking out the shade of your film, make sure you check out the local rules and regulation in your area before anything else.

3. Have you tinted your vehicle’s windows before?

After knowing why you need to install the best car window tint for you, you then need to consider whether there is already an existing tint installed on your sweet ride. There are vehicles in the market that provides factory-installed car window tint. Normally, you would not even be aware there is one.

Hence, you should know that installing yet another layer of car tint to a previously tinted window will yield to a darker tint shade. In which this could potentially put you in a legal situation you would never want to be in. So, it is best if you double-check your vehicle’s windows. If you are unsure, you can always check in on your manufacturer or car dealer to be certain.


4. How much can you shell out on tinted windows?

After you have figured out your reasons for getting tinted windows and checking if your vehicle has an existing one, you now have to evaluate how much you are willing to spend. Setting a budget and sticking with it is one important thing to consider. There are a variety of cheap window tinting services available to cater to almost any budget limit. However, you must keep in mind that what you pay for is what you get.

So, you need to ask yourself. Does your allocated budget allow you to get the best tint you want? Or will you need to sacrifice some other aspects of your vehicle upgrades? If so, you need to reconsider because there is one certain thing: If you try to save money by settling for lesser quality products, you will eventually regret it.

On top of everything, it will cost you more. Removing the tint or the dyed film and replacing it with a better product provides a higher cost in the future. We recommend that you save up for a high-quality type of tint that won’t fade and is scratch-resistant. Better yet, find an affordable and cheap car window tinting that offers surprising quality. 

Don’t be afraid to check out different product whenever you shop! Also, check out different installers nearby and compare their prices before you make the decision.

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5. Which parts will the application be?

Tint InstallingSo, with your budget and preferences taken into consideration, you need to accept that you may not be able to get every part of your vehicle tinted. However, you should also know that there are people who choose not to tint their windshield because they are afraid their vision would be impaired while driving. But that is why UV protection tint on windshields exist, it provides you protection without affecting your vision and at the same time, they block UV rays.

As for the rest of your car windows, you can decide on the best car window tint film that is clear or dark. Make sure that you’re sticking by what your state allows you to and check your local regulations. While some people only tint their front and sidecar windows, there are others who choose to tint everywhere. When in doubt though, keep in mind that there is a standard answer. It is just a matter of choosing which types of window tint option is right for you!


6. Are there warranties?

Having a warranty provides you with a safety net in case anything happens such as faulty installations. So before anything else, check out your provider and ask which products come with warranties such as Lifetime Limited warranties.

This kind of warranty protects consumers against any defects in the material. It means that the guarantee is valid as long as you own the vehicle that uses the tint.


7. How long will it last?

Another important matter you need to think about when you start to shop for tints is longevity. How long do you want your tint to last? Depending on the kind of film that you pick, there are tints that are more durable than other options in the market and they usually come in higher price tags.

So before you do anything else, take the time to ask your installers about their products. Ask them how durable are the tints that they carry. Do they have affordable yet durable options or can they provide you with a cheaper tint that can last as long as their other products?


8. What are the tinting laws in my area?

If you think that finding the right shade and having enough budget for it is all that there is to car tinting, you’re wrong. There are other important matters that you need to keep in mind like tinting laws.

Due to the ability of most tints to obstruct a driver’s view and could put people in danger, regulations have been placed for it and each one varies depending on the state the vehicle is registered in. So if you want to avoid being pulled over and fined for having illegal tinting, make sure that you do your own research around your local tint laws.

Better yet, consult tint shops nearby! Talk to them about which films and what shat shade are allowed in your state.


9. Are you going to DIY the installation?

Admittedly, not everyone has enough budget on their wallets to afford professional installation. And while it’s true that service fees depend on the provider or installation company you’ll work with, there are still drivers who would rather do the tasks themselves in order to save more.

Thanks to today’s technology, there are now readily available tint kits that have pre-cut films in stores. What’s the difference between applying the film yourself and opting with a tint shop? Expertise! It may seem like tinting is an easy task but it takes experience in order to truly master the right techniques and tools.

And because of how delicate tint films, one mistake during the application process could ruin the entire thing. If you got it wrong the first time, you’d have to get it removed before applying a new layer. If the film gets mishandled, it’s longevity and overall effectiveness.


10. Are there any aftercare guides you need to follow?

Say you decided to have your films professionally installed and now you can take home your sweet ride, are there any aftercare guides you need to keep in mind? One, you need to know low long you have to wait before the tints to dry out before you start rolling them down.

Depending on the film used on your car, you might have to keep your windows rolled up for 2-4 days to let it set. Now, what about cleaning? Are there any products you need to use and shouldn’t use? Make sure that you ask these questions after the installation and prepare your budget for any further spending afterwards.


Window tints are about more than just aesthetics

With usual sunny weather and hot temperature, buying the best window tint is a must. It does not just keep your car cool on the inside but it also maintains your interior. Additionally, it also protects your well-being, secures your belongings, and at the same time gives you privacy.

If you are one of the many car owners who often find yourself googling for “best window tint near me” or “best car window tinting near me”, with our best window tints varying from what you need, all that is left is for you to ask these guide questions so that you may narrow down your specific needs when buying a window tint. Choose to be protected, get your ride the best window tint there is today. Contact us and let our professional installers help you.

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