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Does Clear Bra on a Car Make it Easier to Care for?

You never know when something could happen to your vehicle and completely ruin the paint job. Especially in Arizona, where we have to navigate extreme driving conditions like flooding, monsoons, and dust storms, the chances that your vehicle’s finish will remain absolutely pristine for its entire lifetime are pretty low. After all, it’s the Wild West out here.

That’s why a lot of drivers these days in Phoenix opt for paint protection film. Installing clear bra on a car can tremendously extend the lifetime of factory paint. And it could make maintaining your car easier too. Here’s how.

Clear Bra – Is It Worth It?

Overall, people generally agree that clear bra is worth it, so long as it’s being installed on a high-end vehicle. Clear bra can do great things for your car, including preserving its paint and resale value. But it does require a considerable financial investment on behalf of the driver. A good rule of thumb is that clear bra on cars is generally appropriate only for luxury and high end vehicles. Or if you have a car that you absolutely love and worship, that works too.

Benefits of Installing Clear Bra on a Car in Arizona

If you do decide to install clear bra on your car, you’re going to love the maintenance benefits. Especially if you’re the type of driver who hates washing your car. When deciding if clear bra is worth it, the advantage of easy cleaning is a pretty amazing perk.

When you’re out on the road in AZ, it’s easy for tiny little insects and rocks to get imbedded in your paint. And washing off hundreds of tiny particles can be extremely difficult. But with clear bra, it’s so much easier to clean your vehicle and maintain the paint. You can wash your car exactly the way you normally do and all of the dirt and debris will come off much easier.

In addition to making your car easier to clean, clear bra on a car is beneficial because it reduces maintenance costs. In Arizona, your car’s paint can be easily damaged in tons of different ways. Mesquite tree branches, cactus, loose rocks from the desert, and other cars can all scratch and chip your paint, even if you’re being careful. And if you’re the type of person that likes to be active and goes mountain biking, camping, or skiing all of the time, it’s definitely something to consider.

Call Smartfilm to Install Clear Bra on Your Car

Preserve the value of your car by protecting it’s paint. Call Smartfilm to schedule an appointment to install clear bra on your car in Phoenix.

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