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Benefits of Replacing Your Corvette’s Window Film for Summer

Summer weather gets unbearably hot in the Valley. And nothing is worse than getting into a hot car when temperatures are well into the triple digits. For Corvette owners, Corvette window film will help keep the interior of your car cooler and more comfortable. But what happens when your tinting film starts to peel or gets damaged? You need to look for replacements immediately. Here are a few of the benefits of replacing your Corvette’s window film in preparation for the summer heat.

Prevents Awkward Driver’s Tan

Let’s be honest…you’re not driving with the windows down in summer. But that doesn’t mean you’re safe from sunburn inside your car. Damaged Corvette window film allows the sun’s harmful UV rays to slip inside the car. Over time, you might just develop strange tan lines on your left arm and knee. Replacing your window film will keep you in control of your tan.

Keeps Your Interior in Good Condition

Sun and heat can wreak havoc on your car’s interior and no one wants to deal with the cost of fixing cracked leather or faded upholstery. By replacing your Corvette window film before summer is in full swing, you’ll keep the worst of the heat damage at bay. This means less interior maintenance and fewer costly repairs over the life of your car.\

Keeps Passengers Comfortable

Driving your Corvette is fun, but sharing the experience with a passenger makes things even more enjoyable. But glare and heat can make even the shortest pleasure cruise uncomfortable at best. By replacing your window tint film, you’ll make sure your passengers are comfortable anytime they’re in your car. They’ll be better able to appreciate the experience of riding in the lap of luxury and listen to the purr of the engine as you accelerate.

Improves Your Safety

Broken auto glass is a major issue and once your window cracks or breaks, that glass can go everywhere throughout the car. And damaged window tinting film won’t be able to keep the glass from shattering. By replacing your Corvette’s window film, you’ll reduce the risk of glass shattering if you’re involved in an accident. The film will hold the pieces and shards in place, making cleanup and repairs far easier and more affordable.

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