How Clear Bra Can Preserve the Value of Arizona Vehicle

How Clear Bra Can Preserve the Value of a Arizona Vehicle

It’s no secret that our state is a hot and sunny place, and while we tend to love our warm year-round climate (except during the summer, of course), our vehicles suffer damages as a result of our desert setting, from rocks and debris that can chip paint to sunlight that bleaches the exterior. Fortunately, installing clear bra on your Arizona vehicle can protect your car and keep it looking as beautiful and shiny as the day you installed it.

Why Clear Bra Is an Arizona Driver’s Best Investment

Paint protection film, otherwise known as clear bra, preserves Arizona vehicles from the harsh damages that can occur to paint finish from our intense desert climate by adding extra layers of protection on top of your finish, maintaining the condition and resale value of your car for future needs.

How Clear Bra Works

Clear bra has multiple layers of film, with an acrylic top coat that prevents rock chips, small abrasions and scratches, yellowing, and staining. The top coat is also self-healing; the swirl marks on the film disappear in the heat and sunlight, which we have plenty of in Arizona.

After installing clear bra, your Arizona vehicle can undergo normal car washes, often making cleaning an easier task.

Depending on which type of clear bra you choose and the exposure to the elements that your vehicle receives, your car’s clear bra may last for upwards of 5 years, though manufacturer’s warranties may vary. Installation by trained professionals will provide greater results.

With so many benefits, it’s clear to see that installing clear bra on your Arizona vehicle is an easy choice.

Trust Smartfilm with Your Clear Bra Installation in Arizona

Don’t let Arizona’s harsh desert environment damage your vehicle’s beautiful finish. Trust the experts at Smartfilm to go to work for you! Contact our office today to find out more about the services we provide, including clear bra, for Arizona customers.


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