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How Car Window Tinting Can Serve As Protection For Your Skin

It’s a common thing to remember wearing sunscreen during the summertime — especially if you live on the hotter parts of the world like Mesa, Arizona — and this is because we want to protect ourselves from harmful UV radiation that could cause damage to our skin and could even increase the risk of skin cancer. 

But unbeknownst to many, it’s actually pretty hard to get away from the sun. With this in mind, drivers who want to ensure they’re safe from the harms of UV rays get car window tinting. And if you’ve been wondering whether the car window tint cost is actually worth it, you’ve come to the right place!


How Your Cars Actually Harms You

Despite the many strategies people do to escape the sun and block UV rays, we actually rarely get away from it. And here’s why: the sun emits different kinds of UV radiation and some of them don’t stay outside. This is why UV protection is a must.

The two types of light radiation that hits the earth; UVA and UVB. Unfortunately, both can actually contribute to the risk of skin cancer. 

Ultraviolet B does not penetrate the skin as deep as UVA Radiation can. Despite this, it’s still powerful enough to cause sunburns and other visible changes like discoloration. Another key point to remember about UVB Radiation is that though it’s present all year-round, it’s more prevalent in sunny climates and can be more damaging at higher altitudes.

On the other hand, Ultraviolet A accounts to up to 95 percent of UV radiation that reaches the Earth and is actually good at finding people. They can easily bounce off reflective surfaces like water and can even penetrate window glass without any type of tint.

For instance, if you happen to be sitting next to your car’s side window or rear window, there’s a likely chance that UVA radiation is already doing its damage. Furthermore, this type of radiation invites in the unwelcomed early signs of premature aging like dark spots and wrinkles.

Sunscreen may be effective protection from UVB radiation when you’re out in the sun but UVA will follow you even inside your vehicle without car window tint shades! It may seem like automotive window film and other car window tint films are used for aesthetic purposes, but tint jobs actually do a lot for both your car and your family! 

Now that we’ve discussed how your vehicle could possibly be causing more harm than good, it’s time we talk about how to make sure tint films do their jobs!


Making of High-Quality Car Window Tint

Undoubtedly, professionally installed mobile window tinting can cause quite a lot — that’s why some people are reluctant to get their cars tinted, opting to stick by the factory tints that came with their vehicles. Fortunately enough for drivers on a budget, the increasing demand for car tinting has resulted in the invention of tint film kits!


DIY Automotive Window Tinting Vs Professional Installation

Whenever car owners decide to get anything done in their car, they often do their own research first. For instance, they’ll look into the average cost of window tinting and see if there’s an option that fits their budget. Afterwards, they’ll see the different types of products they can purchase and lastly, they’ll decide whether they can do the project themselves or seek professional help!




Fits The Budget: With the rising demand for mobile window tinting, those with limited budgets can easily find products that fit their budget — like tint kits or the inexpensive dyed films! Furthermore, the online world has also expanded the ways drivers can look for options that work well for them. 

Easier Application: Unlike entire sheets of car tint films, pre-cut tint kits are all measured up and ready to be applied. Admittedly, automotive window tinting is one of the more complicated car projects you can do but with the help of tint film kits, you can easily go about installing them!

Less Expensive: In like manner, doing your nano-ceramic tint job yourself means you’re cutting off the cost of hiring someone else to do it. A point often overlooked when it comes to window tinting estimates is the labor car owners actually need to pay. 


Complicated Job: As mentioned earlier, mobile window tinting is one of the more practical yet complicated automotive projects out there. It may be satisfying to do everything on your own, but it must be remembered that it’s a more delicate process than imagined. 

Legality: Drivers know that there are strict regulations when it comes to car modifications including window tinting. If you’re not well-versed in the window tinting laws of each state or the legal Visible Light Transmission rates, you could accidentally purchase films with illegal tint percentages. 


Professional Installation


Experienced Teams: Window tinting companies hire professionals that have the expertise and the right knowledge to use tools that ensure high-quality mobile window tinting.

Long Term Savings: A large majority of car owners opt for professional tint jobs due to the fear of not getting the job done right away. By having experts install window tints means less risk of having it redone!

Guarantees: One great advantage that tint kits don’t have are guarantees. Tint shops want their clients to feel safe. With this in mind, they offer up warranties for each tint or cut window job that they do! 

Legality: The great thing about having field experts around is that they can easily explain what works and what doesn’t, especially in terms of the law. There’s no need for you to worry about whether your car tint is legal or not!


Cost: Undeniably, professional tint jobs cost a lot but that’s because car owners aren’t just paying for the product itself. They will also be paying for the labor of experts as well as the guarantees the tinting company will offer. 

Quality: There are about a thousand of window tint providers in Arizona alone. Hence, it’s pretty understandable for new car owners to be skeptical of spending their money. 


What Is The Best Window Tint

Depending on who you ask, there are about hundreds of different ‘best window tint film’ for your automotive window glass. But in reality, there’s really no definitive answer to the question of ‘what is the best window tint for cars’.

The answer relies on the vehicle owner’s goals and their needs, meaning each answer can be different from one another. And if you’re not really sure how to tell whether a film is your greatest bet, here’s a guide on how to determine it!


Determining Your Goal & Your Needs

Nowadays, there are about a dozen of window tint film available in the market. Each one composed of different materials made for specific concerns. Your choice of film will depend on your goal and your needs. For example, if you want increased privacy, your vehicle’s best automotive film is ceramic films. But if you want something that’s not too dark but keeps your vehicle cool, you have hybrid films.

Think about what specific concern you want to address using the installation and start there. You can also include the kind of look you’re aiming for when choosing. There are four main features you need to keep in mind; shade, color stability, clarity and solar control.

Shade pertains to the color of your tint. Pick out the best shade for your goal and ensure that it doesn’t go against your local tinting laws. On the other hand, color stability determines the longevity of your film’s color when exposed to UV radiation. If you want to make the most out of your investment on your glass windows make sure to look for a film that has great color stability.

Clarity, for safety purposes, its best that drivers pick films that offers clear visibility for your glass windows. It should be able to reduce reflection both during the day and night. Solar control is one of the main reasons why drivers install tint on their glass windows. Your film must elevate your overall driving experience instead of making things worse.

Figuring Out Your Limit

Thanks to the growing demand for tinting, film manufacturers and professional installer have created cost-efficient pricing around their products as well as their services. While there are still tints that are quite expensive for most people, vehicle owners now have a wider variety of choices available to them!

Figure out how much your willing to spend on your installation and talk to your local professional installer about it. Once you’ve discusses your set budget with them, they’ll be able to offer you options that fit both your budget and your needs!

Knowing Your Local Laws

Because tinting generally alters a driver’s vision, laws have been placed around its installation services and products used for it. For example, certain states restrict the use of tints that have below the VLT percentage of seventy.

These restrictions differ from one state to another. Some cities regulate the score of your tint while some don’t. And these local laws around tinting is inherently tied to general environmental conditions and the location of your glass windows.

For example, side windows can only be tinted up until a certain portion but the same restrictions cannot be said for windshields. Make sure you do your research on your locality’s laws.

These three main factors easily determine which tint film is best for you.


Discover New Services & Window Tint Film

Professional automotive window tinting may cost a lot but there’s a guarantee that you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. Make new friends with us and schedule for a consultation on car window tinting prices!

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