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Everything You Need to Know About Residential Window Tinting

Are you looking for home window tinting? Are you in the middle of your search but couldn’t come up with a final choice?

Installing a window film will translate into numerous benefits. In fact, the advantages go as deep as keeping your family healthy. Studies show that ultraviolet (UV) radiation not only causes harm while you’re outdoors.

Even regular indoor exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. In more serious cases, it can even cause skin cancer.

Thankfully, good house window tinting can keep UV rays at bay. But how do you choose the best residential window tinting? You don’t have to be a connoisseur about tints to choose, keep on reading below as we delve into some of the most important factors to consider.


Define Your Goals For Residential Window Tinting

Before anything else, you need to define your goals. Start by examining the room where you plan to install the window films. Determine what kinds of benefits the room needs from professional installation of window film.

There are several goals you may want to achieve. You can have a single goal or multiple ones at the same time. Are you looking to increase privacy for your bathrooms that people from the street can look over?

Do you wish to improve the security of your home office? Do you want to protect your children from harmful UV rays? Do you want to increase the life of your old furniture?

In addition, you can also aim to improve your home’s insulation through window films. Believe it or not, Americans pay an average of $2,000 to install energy-efficient windows.

But sometimes, your budget can only afford you that much. This becomes an even bigger challenge if your windows are deteriorating. 

If your target is to protect your home furnishings, you can go for something like our solar films. The product provides protection by blocking over 99% of UV rays. The solar window film creates a barrier that helps preserve the color of your hardwood floors.

It also protects your carpets and fabrics from discoloration.


Compare Your Options

When checking products inside a store, make sure to compare your options. When comparing your options, make sure to consider your goals. Scrutinize the qualities and types of window film. 

Find out which ones bring the most value in line with your end goals. Things can get a bit bamboozling if you have several goals. In such cases, the key is to weigh your goals. Introspect and identify which one you want to prioritize.

From there, pick the tint that best delivers in that particular category.


Will Decorative Choices Work?

There are times when the problem involves the curb appeal of your windows. If you are looking to improve the aesthetic of your windows, as well as the rooms, you may want to consider some decorative film options.

Window films come in different shades. This allows you to match the shade to the aesthetics of the room. You can also check the different textures and patterns of the tints. 

Keep in mind that etched glass is expensive. On top of that, it is also hard to install. In addition, etched glass is also hard to clean and maintain.


Consider the Manufacturer

Apart from the product, you also need to look into the credentials of the window manufacturer. In this area, experience plays a crucial role. It is wise to go for a sure-handed dealer with years of industry experience. 

You should also look into their previous works. Check the feedback they receive from their customers. Take note of any warnings and red flags coming from unhappy clients.

In addition, take note of how they deal with you. Are they able to answer all your inquiries? Are they friendly and courteous? 

A good dealer is someone who shows professionalism from start to finish. A good company is transparent when it comes to their products.


Ask for Quotes

Lastly, you should request for quotes. The key to comparing quotes from different dealers is comparing similar products when it comes to pricing. Apart from the products, you should also inquire about the installation. Is it on the house or will you need to shell extra for it? Will the dealer perform the installation or will they outsource it?

Furthermore, go into the details of the warranty. How many years does it cover? What are the scope and limitations of the warranty?

Invest in the Best Tints, Today!

Tinting windows is like spending for any home improvement project. It requires research and due diligence. To make your search a breeze, we invite you to check our high-quality collection of residential window films

We offer products that pass our strict quality standards. Feel free to send us a message and request a free estimate. Let’s get the best tints for your home today!

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