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Why Does My Auto Window Tint Look Blurry? AZ’s Experts Explain Window Tint Installation

If you’ve noticed that it’s been harder for you to see out of the auto window tint on your AZ vehicle (and you’re sure you don’t need to get your eyes checked), you may be having visibility problems caused by blurred window tint. But why does window tint get blurry, and what can you do about it?

Factors that Cause Auto Window Tint Blurriness

The first step in solving blurred auto window tint that AZ drivers can take is to identify what is causing the blurriness.

Tint that’s been dirtied by dust, fingerprints, cigarette ash, and more can become blurry.

The age of your tint is also a factor. Blurry new tint may not have been installed properly, while old tint can blur from exposure to our Arizona sunshine, causing hardened and crystallized adhesive.

Tint installed over defrost bars bends over the lines and can distort images slightly, even though this location is perfectly fine for tint installation.

Alternatively, the adhesive on your tint could simply have failed for a number of reasons.

Actions You Can Take to Address Blurred Window Tint

Once you’ve figured out the most likely cause of your blurry auto window tint, local AZ professional tint installers can help you if mild cleaners don’t fix the issue.

If your adhesive has failed, they can check your warranty and fix it. If the tint was improperly installed or is simply too old, they can replace it.

Blurry window tint can be a driving safety hazard. Take care of your window tint today before it becomes an issue!

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In life, if you do things right, you’ll only need to do them once. Avoid the hassle of fixing botched auto window tint! Contact our AZ tinting installation experts and schedule your window tint appointment today!

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