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The Dos and Don’ts of Auto Window Tinting in AZ

Auto window tinting is popular among AZ drivers across the Valley for its numerous benefits, from privacy, theft-deterrence, and a sleek look to keeping out our state’s brutal heat and sunlight. However, there are things you’ll want to do–and avoid doing–to keep your window tint in good condition.

What to Do to Properly Care for Window Tint

When installing auto window tinting on your AZ vehicle, there are factors you’ll want to keep in mind while caring for your car and its new tint.

Do: Clean your car’s exterior as normal.

Window tint is applied to the interior of a car’s window, meaning that you can continue with your normal exterior cleaning routine without worrying about affecting your vehicle’s tint.

Do: Use tinted window-safe cleaners.

When cleaning your interior windows, keep in mind that not every window cleaning product is safe for window tint. Check the labels of your cleaning products before using them on your windows.

Do: Clean with squeegees and soft cloths.

Applying cleaner with these items to avoid tearing or chipping your tint.

Avoiding Window Tint Damage

Besides the tips above, avoid doing the don’ts listed below to keep your auto window tinting pristine in AZ.

Don’t: Clean or roll down your windows immediately after installing tint.

Tint takes time to cure, or harden and permanently adhere to your window. Wait anywhere from several days to a week before cleaning your interior windows or rolling down your windows, so the tint won’t peel, tear,

Don’t: Use harsh cleaners.

Ammonia and other harsh chemicals break down window tint chemically. Use mild products to clean your tint.

Follow these tips for longer-lasting window tint!

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