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How Window Tinting Can Help Mesa Drivers Save Money on Fuel

At this moment, you may be wondering how your fuel consumption could possibly be affected by window tinting. In Mesa especially, window tint can be significant in keeping fuel costs down. Below, we’ve explained how window tinting is connected to how much gas your car guzzles as you drive around the Valley.

A Hot Car Eats Up Fuel Costs–Especially in Mesa

In Mesa, like elsewhere in the Phoenix metro area affected by our intense climate and the urban heat island effect (i.e. heat radiating out from sidewalks and asphalt), your vehicle becomes unbearably hot in as 30 minutes to 1 hour. On a balmy 90 degree day, your vehicle can reach an interior temperature of 140 degrees.

When getting into a car without window tinting, most Mesa drivers turn up the air conditioning to making driving comfortable. However, doing so places demands on your engine as it pumps cold air out by powering the compressor. This strains your engine and reduces your gas mileage by 5% – 25%, meaning you’ll spend more money filling up more frequently.

Saving Money by Keeping Things Cool with Window Tinting

Fortunately, you can keep your vehicle cool and comfortable and lower your A/C usage by installing window tinting. When installed, Mesa drivers will find that as they run errands and commute to work around the Valley, their car remains much cooler on the inside and their A/C requirements aren’t so extreme, freeing up their engine to do its job. Depending on the shade and type of window tinting, you can experience a 40% – 75% reduction in interior heat.

You, your car, and your wallet will all be happier after installing window tinting and saving money on fuel.

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