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Stylish Ways to Use Privacy Window Tint: Privacy Tint For Home Windows

Over the recent years, large scale windows have become the norm for several homes around the world. It creates a great open feeling to the interior plus helps houses become more energy efficient!

Unfortunately, despite its several benefits, some people believe it leaves them feeling more vulnerable to break ins and theft. With the growing trend of energy-saving homes, how can homeowners prevent people from seeing in without sacrificing their homes? Thankfully, there are privacy tints for home windows!

Today, SmartFilm is here to discuss how a privacy film for home can help reinforce its overall safety and security as well as some of the stylish ways you can use it! So to get us started, let’s talk about how home window tinting for privacy works!


Home Window Tinting: A Universal Solution

Residential tinting is often used for a lot of reasons. Some people use solar films as protection against harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and can fade furnishings, while there are some that use window film options for heat control. Furthermore, there are also those who use it for decorations like stained glass films and frosted glass films! 

Ultimately, home tinting has proven itself as a universal solution that has the ability to address several home concerns using different types of film — including privacy and security! For instance, those with a home office love using privacy tints or mirror films to protect their belongings without sacrificing natural light. 


How Privacy Films Work

So, how do they work? Privacy tints use two ultra-thin layers of reflective metal between an adhesive layer and a protective layer. Its one-way mirror effect is created when the sun hits the film and the light reflects off of it. 

Normal privacy films work well during the daytime but unfortunately, they have a harder time working late at night. This is because the amount of daylight you have around affects its high reflectivity. If the inside is brighter than the outside, then it won’t work. To ensure complete privacy even at night, homeowners are recommended to use blinds or curtains alongside the window film installed — if not, they can opt for blackout window film instead. 


What Makes Them Great

Aside from improved safety and security, these tints offer other great benefits that make them a worthy investment!

Conserves Energy

One of the most common reasons behind residential tinting is energy-efficiency. As more and more people become more conscious of their carbon footprints, they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to conserve energy! 

Home window tinting keeps your home cool by blocking the heat from the sun, lessening the need for air conditioning. With a significantly better interior temperature, you can stay comfortable at home while saving more!

Reduces Glare

A downside most homeowners with large scale windows is glare. Everyone loves natural light until it starts to obstruct your TV or your computer screen — luckily, privacy tints have great glare reduction! It’ll allow you to enjoy watching movies or work comfortably during the day.

UV Protection

Another disadvantage of large windows that people don’t often realise is too much sun. Again, natural light is fun until it starts to toy with the look and feel of your home. Unhealthy levels of UV radiation can lead to faded furnishings. 

Furthermore, it poses a much bigger threat to your health as it leaves you vulnerable to damaging diseases like skin cancer. 


Ways to Style Your Tint

Cover a Portion of Your Windows

All privacy tint film will block some natural light. It creates a barrier between the indoors and out. But that doesn’t mean you have to cover the entire window in the film in order for it to be effective. 

Instead, cover just the portion of the window that people can see in most easily. This will allow you to maximize the amount of natural light your home gets without leaving you feeling exposed.

Install Designs

Privacy tint doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can use it to decorate inside your house. Use frosted privacy film to create designs along the front exterior of the home. If you have a glass door or screen door with a glass panel that you want to add privacy to, let the film do the heavy lifting.

Remember, privacy film can be cut into any shape needed. This means you’re free to customize the look of your windows completely. Geometric designs are a great and simple place to start. But if you’re still not sure what designs to use, ask your tint installation crew for advice.

You can even use this idea to add privacy to your glass-walled shower. Strategically place the film and you’ll be able to shower in peace without worrying about what might be on display.

It’s a great way to elevate your home’s look while also improving your existing security measures. And it works without you having to draw the curtains throughout the day. Just remember that you don’t have to coat an entire window in the film in order for it to be effective. If you’re not sure what will work best for your house, ask your installation expert during your estimate.


Contact SmartFilm and let our team install privacy window tint film on your Maricopa County home.

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