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How Much Tint Film Do I Need for My Car? Measuring Windows For Tinting

When it comes to automotive window tinting, the question drivers often ask is how much does it cost to tint a vehicle — right after, where can I buy a window tint film. Finally, people ask how much film a car needs.

Frankly speaking, there’s no universal answer to all of them. Several other factors come into play in each question most especially when it comes to the amount of window film. But there’s no real need to be intimidated, SmartFilm’s here to answer each question. 


SmartFilm’s Guide on Measuring Your Window

Every car is unique, meaning their needs will vary for every make and model. The first step you need to take is to measure the glass of your car windows. Write each down and remember, window tint should cover the glass completely. Add one inch in each direction for the measurements, this will give you enough room for error during application

Once you’re done measuring each of your windows, you can start adding their lengths to determine the amount of film you’ll need for tinting your car. Keep in mind that your measurements can easily determine the answer to your initial question of how much does high quality window tinting cost. 


Best Practices to Keep In Mind

Think Outside The Box of Your Window Film

Here’s a small tip for cutting the film. Most patterns in vehicles can be turned to fit your window better. For instance, if three of your glass surfaces have the measurement of 22″ wide and 35″ long, you can purchase a 6 feet of 36″ wide tint that you can then simply rotate!

Look at the Tinting Manufacturer’s Suggestions

Tinting film from different manufacturers has different benefits and different thicknesses. So, before you buy anything, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer to see what they suggest. Keep in mind that there are different types of window tint films for automotive

Some rolls of window tint film shrink slightly when cut and applied, so your measurements will be a rough estimate at best.


How Much Should A Good Tint Job Cost

Moving on to the most asked question on automotive window tinting, its cost varies as much as the amount of film cars need. On a normal basis, there are three major factors that affect the overall price of a professional grade tinted job; the size and model of the vehicle, the quality of the window tint, and its application. 

As discussed earlier, the size of your vehicle will immediately affect the cost regardless of whether you’re purchasing pre cut tinting kits or hiring professional service. Additionally, the overall quality and type of tint you’d want to use also adds up to the total price. 

Keep in mind that there’s a wide variety of window tint films available today. Each one of them specializes in one concern such as UV protection, heat rejection and glare control — they each have their respective rate. Lastly, how you want things to be installed is also considered.

Because of the recent trend of tinting kits as well as other pre-cut films, drivers now have the option of doing things on their own. All that they need to do is to measure their windows and determine the kind of film they want to use, then they can install things by themselves!

Ultimately, taking on the project by yourself definitely saves you a lot of money but it’s important to weigh in the disadvantages and advantages of both options before coming to a decision.


Where Can I Buy Tint Film Roll?

If you’re asking “where can I buy tint film?” your first stop should be the internet. Most major online retailers offer different films to let you tint your own windows.

But if you’re unsure and still asking yourself “how much window tint film do I need?” you may be better off working with a professional tinting company. They’ll know exactly how much of each type and darkness film you’ll need for your car.

When In Doubt, Leave It to a Car Window Tinting Pro

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re stuck relying on internet results for “how much tint do I need?” Your best option is to take your car to a professional window tinting company. Their team will take care of everything from measuring to helping you find the best film for your needs and your budget.


Final Thoughts on Tinting Your Cars

Installing window tinting film on your own requires extreme accuracy, patience, and dedication. Take the time to check with the window tint film manufacturer for advice. And if you’re looking for a pro to handle the job, stop by SmartFilm, serving Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Ahwatukee, and the greater Valley.

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