How Long Does Car Window Tint Last in Mesa?

How Long Does Car Window Tint in Mesa Last?

Drivers in Mesa and throughout the rest of the Valley know that automotive window tinting can do wonders for preserving your driving comfort, vehicle, and health. However, many drivers wonder about the lifespan of their professional car window tint in Mesa, where the sunlight and heat causes wear and tear on all types of vehicles.

Determining Factors in Car Window Tint Durability for Mesa Vehicles

Among the many factors that determine how long your window tint lasts, there are several that stand out as the greatest indicators of whether your vehicle’s window tint will pass the test of time, beyond the type of glass that your car has and the construction of its windows.

Climate and Temperature

Although car window tint helps Mesa drivers keep their vehicles cool in hot climates, excessive heat (like that of our Valley climate) shortens the lifespan of the tint and damages it.

Fortunately for Mesa residents, you can make your tint last longer despite the heat. Choose a factory tint on your car, giving your window tint a solid layer of protection while insulating against heat. Parking your vehicle out of direct sunlight also helps.

Window Tint Quality

The higher the quality of your window tint, the longer it will last. Low-quality dyed tints have a lifespan of 1-2 years, while hybrid car window tint can protect Mesa vehicles for 4-5 years. This is because low-quality tints absorb heat, while hybrid tints combine reflective metals and dyes, absorbing and reflecting heat away from the vehicle at the same time.


Though generally scratch-resistant, window tint is not scratch-proof. Hard, large, or sharp-edged items can all tear tint.

Have a professional recommend the best tint for your vehicle.

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