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Top 10 Best Residential Window Film

By now, you know that tinting your home’s windows is one of the best ways to increase comfort and efficiency throughout your house. But if you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably struggling to decide which film is the best option for your house. 

While any window film you choose will help make your house more comfortable, some do the job better than others.

Here are the 10 best home window film options to consider;

  1. LLumar Low-E Window Film

LLumar is a brand known for producing the best home window film for heat reduction, but their low-e window film takes things to a whole new level. It reflects heat in the summer and keeps the heat inside during the winter, lowering your energy bills. But like all LLumar tinting films, it blocks 99% of UV rays, keeping your furniture from fading for years to come.

  1. LLumar Dual Reflective Window Film

The dual reflective film is the best home window tinting film for homeowners looking to add both privacy and energy savings to their home. The film has a mirrored exterior and a tinted interior that reduces glare and increases clarity even during low-light hours.

  1. 3M Scotchshield Safety and Security Film

If you’re looking to increase security and safety while also blocking those harmful UV rays, the Scotchshield film is a great choice. While it’s not the best home window film for heat reduction, it does make your windows much harder to break and helps increase your home’s security efforts. Don’t worry—it still helps tint your windows against those harmful UV rays.

  1. LLumar Harmony Window Film

The Harmony series features nano-ceramic technology, giving you a superior tint without dramatically changing the look of your windows. It’s the best residential window tinting film for residents with strict homeowners associations that still want to make their homes more efficient. The film helps you maintain the natural look of your glass and makes your interior appear warm and inviting.

  1. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Film

If you’re the type of homeowner that dreads those scorching hot summer afternoons and those chilly winter mornings, the 3M Thinsulate film is one of the best heat control residential film for your needs. It works to keep heat out during the summer and traps heat inside when the temperature drops. Its neutral appearance works for most homes and won’t change the way your house looks from the outside.

  1. Hüper Optik Dekorativ Fim

If you’re looking to make a statement on interior windows or just want to add a little flare to your entryway windows, the Dekorativ series is a great choice for decorative window film! It comes in a variety of shades and styles to suit your unique sense of style. 

Though it won’t block UV rays, it does make a statement on every pane of glass. It’s ideal for adding flare and enhancing privacy in glass shower enclosures.

  1. LLumar Neutral Window Film

Neutral window films provide noticeable glare, heat, and UV ray reduction without forcing you to lose the natural light you love in your home. This film is the perfect choice for homes with tons of artwork or large entertainment centers where glare makes it hard to enjoy the room. 

Best of all, it’s barely noticeable from the outside. Your home’s exterior will look about the same as it always has while your interior stays more comfortable.

  1. 3M Sun Control Window Film

This ceramic window film is specifically designed to block up to 80 percent of the heat-causing infrared rays from ever making it inside your home. 

It’s the best residential film for heat reduction for those homeowners looking to maximize their home’s comfort for those hot Arizona summer months. It also features a scratch-resistant coating that helps keep the glass window crystal clear so you won’t have to worry about unexpected repairs.

  1. Hüper Optik Fusion Series

The Fusion series is the best home window film for budget-conscious homeowners. It still blocks 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home and is designed to maximize privacy without blocking the natural light you love. It’s a great entry-level film if you just need a little extra help keeping your home comfortable while letting you stick to your budget.

  1. 3M Sun Control Prestige Series

The Prestige Series is one of the best residential window tint for heat reduction. It’s the perfect heat control window film for those looking to dramatically reduce their cooling costs in the summer. 

The film has low reflectivity to help keep your windows as clear as they were before the installation. And its non-metal technology means you won’t have to worry about disrupted cell service or satellite signals indoors.

These are just a handful of the best residential window films available. Though each will block UV rays and make your home more efficient, you’ll need to consider the look you’re trying to achieve before you can select the right film for your home.

SmartFilm is proud to install high-quality window tint films for homeowners in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Scottsdale.

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