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The Difference Between Premium & Cheap Tints

In Arizona, there’s no denying the value of window tinting for your vehicle. Between its sleek aesthetic, added privacy, and heat and UV ray-blocking abilities, window tint can add beauty and longevity to your car. There are a variety of window tints to choose from.

Many Valley drivers think that the only difference between cheap window tinting and premium window tinting is the price, but this is a misconception. In order to understand the difference between premium car window tint and cheap tint, you need to grasp the process of window tinting!

How The Process of Window Tinting Works

Window tinting is one of the many car services growing popular over the recent years that protects cars and their owners against harmful UV Rays that could ruin vehicles. Generally, people get their car windows tinted by going to a professional window film business or shop that uses a high-quality transparent film on the inside of one’s car windows.

The tint films are applied using an adhesive to help protect vehicles and their interiors from the harmful UV rays released by the sun. It’s a great service, not just for your car windows but for you and your family as well.

See, tinted windows help lessen the chances of you and your family getting skin cancer due to the harmful sun. Additionally, tinted windows help keep the customer’s vehicle cool in spite of the Arizona heat!

Now, there are several ways to get your windows tinted. Thanks to the growing popularity of window tint, customers now have the chance to tint their car themselves! There are DIY tint sets available in different stores and of course, you can still go to a window tint shop to get your windows tinted professionally!

The main difference that you need to think about is the overall cost of both services! Are cheap tints really worth the risk or not?

All or Nothing

When it comes to making a purchase on window tint films, there are a ton of things that could affect the amount a customer will have to pay in the end. For example, if they want to work with the best films out there, they may have to pay more if they want to choose ceramic films over dye films. Another important thing to remember is the brand, some brands of film are more expensive than others. Not to mention that the shape of your vehicle and the process of the service itself will definitely affect the price of your services.

Vehicles like SUVs might require more work than other models. And lastly, whether you seek professional help on the installation, you may or may not end up paying for cheap or premium services.

But generally speaking, professionals will tell you that it’s better to invest in something that lasts longer, and here’s why.

Quality Over Quantity

One of the obvious differences between premium and cheap window tinting is apparent in the results you get from your tint installation. “Cheap” window tinting is a misnomer in terms of price. While you’ll often find inexpensive lesser-quality tints, there are even expensive tints whose results can be considered “cheap” looking. By the same token, there are plenty of premium tints available for inexpensive prices.

Cheap tinting has several characteristics:

  • Quick installation without attention to quality
  • Bubbles or peeling from improper surface adhesion or lower-quality materials
  • No manufacturer guarantee or warranty

A good tint installer will pay attention to the details, allow enough time for the installation process, and use tints guaranteed by their manufacturers.

Quality Tint Is Less Expensive in the Long Term

Premium tint often costs more upfront, but the results last longer and cost less over time. A cheap window tint may last 3 years, while a premium tint can last years longer and be replaced by the manufacturer.

Every driver wants to save money on their window tint, but cheap window tinting will cost you more in the long term, as you spend more time and money to correct issues.

Learning Regulations

Because tints, regardless of their material, dim the view of drivers, governments across all states have implemented varying regulations on the kind of tint that their constituents use on their cars. Regardless of whether you have a truck or an SUV, there are certain regulations that you need to follow.

And when you didn’t make tint films your business, it’s difficult to figure out the different laws that your car needs to follow in order to avoid fines. Besides the guaranteed great services, drivers can rest easy knowing that no one will catch them breaking the law with their car.

Contact Us Today and Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Don’t diminish the value of your vehicle with cheap window tinting when you can find premium window tinting for an affordable price. Call Smartfilm today and set up your window tinting consultation to learn more about the differences between cheap and premium window tinting.

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