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Smartfilm Simplified Guide: How Tint Works in a Nutshell

Everybody has his or her own reason for wanting window tints. They offer so many different features. For some people, it’s increased privacy. For others, it’s taking advantage of reduced exposure to UV rays lowering the car temperature. While other people are looking to protect the lifespan and look of their vehicle. This Smartfilm guide will tell you how tint works and make everything simple for you.


From light to shade

You may have heard of window tinting, but you were never quite sure of how it worked or what the point was.  Many people are under the impression that window tinting is done because it makes a car look cool.  However, it does much more than that. 

In fact, window tinting can actually make your car cooler, the interior temperature will drop quite dramatically when the sunlight can’t get to the interior of your car.  This is especially beneficial out here in Arizona.  The diminished sunlight means that your fabric won’t fade, and your leather won’t crack. Car window tinting also gives you a measure of privacy as people will not be able to peek inside and see what you might have in your car. This small fact can also help deter thieves as well.


How are windows tinted?

Window tinting works in a relatively simple process, but it needs to be done right and with high-quality products if you want the best results.  A very thin and transparent sheet of film is carefully applied to your car’s windows.  Each film has a special adhesive that adheres to the window’s surface for a smooth, flawless look. Typically every window is tinted in order to give the car a uniform look.

Thicknesses in the film can range from 0.001 inches to 0.004 inches.  We will examine your car in order to determine the best thickness as well as which brand to apply.  We work with only the best, in order to provide quality service and products.  The darkness of the windows can also be adjusted and we will give you all the options available so you can choose how you want the finished look of your car.   


The benefits in a nutshell

Window tinting films has so many excellent features. For your windshield and front window, it has a double benefit. During the brightest sunlight, it functions as a pair of sunglasses that reduces glare, helping you see more clearly. But this works the same at night as well, by muting amount of light (visible light transmission) that passes through the window, so you can always see clearly.

Not only do they help you see better, but window tints also protect your car from heat and ultraviolet rays. Windows create a huge chunk of the heat transfer into your vehicle and when you live in warm sunny places like Arizona, this can be a major factor. This not only makes your car more comfortable but protects the interior, including electronics and anything you happen to have in the vehicle.


Contact us to see how we can help you today and show you all the possibilities that window tinting films can bring. You may be surprised at how excellent window films can be!

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