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5 Ways Solar Film for your Home Windows Can Help You Save Money

As a homeowner, saving money is always a priority. And though your home is an investment, it’s easy to neglect a few simple improvements that can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your home. One of the most neglected parts of your house is your windows and those thin panes of glass can end up costing you money year after year. Here’s how solar film for home windows will save you money.

1. Cuts Heating and Cooling Costs

When you think about your home, where are you most worried about the climate controlled air inside leaking outside? Most people automatically think of their doors. But the biggest loss of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer actually comes from your windows. Think of it this way: windows offer very little in the way of insulation. This means the temperatures outside can influence the temperature of the air around the windows. The result is that your home heating and cooling system has to work harder to keep the space comfortable.

When you install solar film for home windows, you’ll dramatically cut down the amount of energy loss. Ultimately, this means your HVAC system will heat and cool your home more quickly and the less it has to run, the less energy it uses. For most homeowners, this can save you hundreds on your energy costs each year.

2. Keeps Your Furniture in Better Condition

Regular home windows do very little to block the sun without blinds or curtains. This is what allows you to take advantage of natural light which, in turn, helps you cut your electricity bills month after month. But that same natural light comes with an invisible risk: UV rays.

The sun’s UV rays pass right through your home windows and start working on anything they touch. With your furniture, this means drying out wood, fading upholstery, and making it look dingy far faster than it should. Solar film for home windows helps block those UV rays, keeping your furniture looking great longer. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing it sooner. And considering that a new sofa has an average price between $1,000 and $2,000, you’ll more than make up the cost of the tinting film installation!

3. Prevents Skin Damage

Those same UV rays that can cause your furniture, upholstery, wood, and carpet to fade can cause skin damage. You feel the intensity of its rays on your skin anytime you sit in a sunny spot in a room. While you may know to wear sunscreen outside, most people don’t think about wearing it when they’re indoors. After all, you’re not exposed to the sun directly, so you’re safe, right? Not entirely.

Your sun protection film for house windows saves you money by preventing skin damage and premature aging. Over time, you’ll spend less on cosmetics and treatments for skin damage caused by UV exposure. And the less you spend on those products and treatments, the more money you’ll have to invest in other home improvements. In this way, window tint for home windows effectively pays for itself!

4. Keeps Your Windows Efficient Longer

It should come as no surprise that older windows are less efficient than newer models. Technology improves and as it gets better, newer windows further improve the insulation of your house, protecting it against the elements. Over time, you’ll eventually want to replace your windows. But with sun protection film for house windows, you’ll be able to put that task off longer.

Think of the window tint as an added layer of insulation. It helps keep the sun from warming up your space in the summer and can even help trap warm air inside in the winter. The more insulated your windows are, the less you’ll feel the need to replace your windows. Remember, new windows cost thousands of dollars and the longer you can keep your old windows in place, the more time you’ll have to prepare for that big expense.

5. Protects Your Windows

As much as you might not want to think about it, your windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home exterior. Flying debris in wind storms and vandals alike can smash the glass, putting your family’s safety at risk.
But window tint for home windows helps hold the glass together. Even if something smashes into the glass, the film will keep the glass from shattering. This keeps your home safer in extreme weather, but it also makes it harder for thieves to break in. This alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Is Solar Film for Home Windows Right for Your House?

Think about your home maintenance budget and decide if the savings provided by sun protection film would make a huge difference in your budget. If the answer is “yes,” get an estimate as soon as possible. The sooner you get the film installed, the more money you’ll save.

SmartFilm is proud to install solar film for home windows in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale.

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