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How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take? Mesa’s Experts Answer

Windshield cracks and chips are a part of everyday life as a Valley driver, especially in our gravelly and road debris prone state. It happens to every vehicle owner at some point, but sometimes, simply repairing your windshield isn’t enough. When it comes to scheduling a windshield replacement for your Mesa vehicle, you may be wondering when you’ll find the time. However, replacing your windshield isn’t as time consuming as you would think!

Why Windshield Replacement Drive-Away Time is Important

On average, a reputable windshield replacement company will have Mesa drivers back out on the road in about 2 hours. However, a windshield replacement itself usually only takes between 30 – 60 minutes. So why the extra wait?

When installing a new windshield, factors like the type of glass, the type of adhesives, and the weather conditions (such as temperature and humidity) during installation play into how fast the windshield adhesive will cure, or harden.

Drive-away time refers to the minimum amount of time needed for a windshield to fully cure and be safe for driving, staying put during an accident. Most adhesives have a drive-away time of 1 hour, though certain adhesives may take longer.

Other Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Windshield

Beyond the adhesives used, drivers may find their windshield replacement taking longer if their vehicle is newer, due to high-tech windshield sensors.

Additionally, windshield replacements on Mesa vehicles with passenger side airbags take more time because they legally require stronger, longer-curing adhesives, in accordance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

In short, windshield replacements are fast, meaning there’s no excuse not to schedule yours today!

Schedule Your Windshield Replacement in Mesa!

Don’t drive around with a potentially fatal safety hazard! Smartfilm AZ makes replacing your windshield is so quick, easy, and effortless. Contact our office today and set up your windshield replacement with Mesa’s windshield experts!

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