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Common Misconceptions About Car Window Tinting Prices

In this article we will discuss the misconceptions about car window tinting prices. You know auto window tinting is a great way to protect your car and keep your passengers comfortable. You might even be ready to invest in some quality tinting film. But before you do, you need to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. 

Believe it or not, there are some surprising misconceptions about car window tinting prices. Here are some common myths and misconceptions debunked.

Cheap Film Is Just as Good

Believe it or not, car window tinting prices are a good indication of the quality of the film itself. You’ll pay more for higher quality film, but the extra expenses are definitely worth it. 

Cheaper film is prone to peeling and bubbling even when it’s installed by an experienced auto window tinting professional. Whenever possible, spend a little extra on better film. Over the life of the tint, you’ll end up saving money and spare yourself stress.

It’s Cheaper to Install It Yourself

You can save a lot of money by doing all these projects by yourself. But window tinting is not one of them. It takes practice, knowledge, and extensive training to install the film correctly. Otherwise, you can damage your car’s windows, paint job, and even destroy the film itself. 

This can add hundreds in extra tint costs. You’ll end up saving money by letting an experienced tinting shop install the film for you. The cost also depends on the type of vehicle.

It’s a waste of money as it will lose effectiveness in time

Another common myth revolving around car window tinting is the fact that as time goes by the tint will gain some bubble-like appearance. Well, the reality is that this happens only if the tint is not installed correctly by a professional.

It is true that window tint fades, but this will happen after many years of usage. Manufacturers say the tint is supposed to last up to 20 years. Hence, you should not use car window tinting prices as a factor to decide where to get your car tinted. 

Cheap services, come with cheap work. You will use that care for several years to come, which is why it is best to opt for the services of a professional car window tinting shop.

It does not provide any actual benefit

Most people automatically label auto window tinting films as a cosmetic improvement for a vehicle. But the truth is that window tinting comes with several beneficial aspects, including the fact that it can block UV rays. This will offer protection to the car’s interior and prevent breaking or fading of the fabrics.

Also, another important thing related to car window tinting is that it has the power to make your car safer. This happens because it prevents solar glare, allowing the driver to see better in sunny conditions.

It shields windows against breaking

A common misconception about car window tinting is that it can prevent windows from breakage. This is not quite a real fact, as the tint can only aid in diminishing the potential glass fragments in the event of a breakage.

It will make the inside of the car too dark

We`ve had several customers in our shop worried about whether or not window tinting will make the interior of a car too dark. But depending on the car window tinting price, the tint will be in distinct types of shades. Not one of these tints will prevent all the light from entering the car. Even limo tint, one of the darkest window tints, only blocks 95% of visible light.

In reality, some tints are somehow invisible, offering a barrier against harmful UV rays without darkening the car. You can opt for the type of darkening you desire upon consultation with a specialist. Depending on your needs, there are distinct car window tinting options that range from little to no darkening to mild darkening of the interior.

It will make cleaning rather impossible

A recurrent myth revolving around car window tinting is that it will make it impossible to properly clean the windows. Yet the truth is tinted windows can be cleaned similar to any other type of windows. All you have to do is take into account the films` specifications, just to avoid unnecessary damage to the film due to cleaning products.


Finding a Shop Based on Price is a Great Option

As with all things car-related, you should shop around to find the best installation pro for your needs and your car. But that doesn’t mean you should opt for the shop that offers the lowest price. In fact, doing so can cost you in the long-run. 

Instead, pay attention to the quality of work they provide. Ask for examples of past tinting projects. Check online reviews and ask for references who can give you insight into their work quality. 

Once you feel confident in a few choices, you can narrow things down by price. But the car window tinting prices should never be the main deciding factor when choosing a provider.

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Window tinting cost can be high, but it’s definitely necessary to protect your vehicle. Expect to pay several hundreds of dollars for quality window film.

If you seek to receive more information about car window tinting prices or specifications, we can answer your queries with detailed information. We offer a wide range of quality work and attention to details. The results will correctly suit your needs and expectations.

Finding a shop that offers fair car window tinting prices doesn’t have to be a challenge. Schedule a consultation with our team and let us help you find the best film for your needs. Our prices are fair, our work is stellar, and you’ll be happy with your windows for years to come.

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