When Do Your Headlights Need Restoration in Arizona & What is the Process?

When Do Your Headlights Need Restoration in Arizona & What is the Process?

Between intense sunlight, road debris, and dry heat, it’s no wonder that the Valley’s desert climate takes a toll on cars. Headlights are particularly vulnerable to UV light and environmental conditions, making headlight restoration common practice for Arizona vehicles. But what is headlight restoration, and how can you tell if your car needs it?

How Headlight Restoration Works on Arizona Automobiles

Headlight restoration is a service that preserves headlight lenses by refinishing them after they’ve become damaged due to UV light exposure, road debris, and oxidation. Professional installers often apply acrylic or urethane clear coat for extra protection after restoring headlights.

The other alternative is to replace your headlight, which can be costly at about $250 per headlight and inefficient when you can restore perfectly good headlights.

Signs that You Need Headlight Restoration on Your Arizona Vehicle

There are certain physical signs that can clue you in on whether your need headlight restoration for your Arizona automobile.

Cracked Headlights

If your headlights are cracked, that means the protective hardcoats on your lights have broken down. Because they were left untreated after the initial damage, you can now see the small surface cracks, known as crazing.

Dull or Discolored Headlights

Oxidized headlight lenses will become dull or discolored over time, especially when exposed to environmental factors like road debris and UV light, which are abundant in Arizona. This can dim headlights and reduce nighttime visibility, which poses safety risks.

Old-Looking Headlights

Even beyond the aspects of safety and effectiveness, headlight restoration offers Arizona drivers an inexpensive way to improve the aesthetics of their vehicle, boosting its value.

Headlight restoration is an excellent choice for its easiness, inexpensiveness, and aesthetic appearance.

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