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How A Car Tint Film Gets Damaged: Protecting Tint Films

Ultimately, car windows in Arizona are exposed everyday to elements that can create scratches. And while most of the best film car tint available today are scratch resistant against dirt and other matter, some types of films end up having huge rips in them. 

Accidents of such nature often leave drivers questioning the effectiveness of car window tints. But unbeknownst to most people, there are certain factors that cause these rips. 

Learn more about how window films are damaged and what you can do to preserve them better! 

Common Culprits to Damaged Automotive Films

Admittedly, the best car window film often doesn’t worry about scratches. Quality products like metallized films or carbon films are made to be scratch resistant. Despite this, they are not entirely invincible. 

There are external factors that can ultimately affect the durability of the tints installed in your side windows or rear window. With this in mind, we’ve listed down some of the common culprits to ripped tints!

Improper Installation

Generally speaking, tint kits make it seem easy to install but in reality, they’re notoriously difficult to perfect. 

It’s not enough to simply slap dyed films on your window. Improper installation can leave them vulnerable to tints and major rips. You must properly prepare the glass, measure and cut the film accurately and ensure it sits flush against the glass. Afterwards, the film has to set and cure. 

Ultimately, most drivers suggest professional installation. Not only will it ensure great durability for your window films, it also includes consultations that can help you identify the right film depending on your needs such as UV blocking and heat reduction!

Low-Quality Film

There are different types of films and each of them come in different qualities. For example, metallized films are said to be more durable than dyed films. 

Despite this high-quality films are expected to be scratch-proof. Hence, if you observe any tear or rips in your tint, it’s probably not of the greatest quality. To ensure you’re getting the most of your money, most drivers suggest consulting with professional installers! 

Old Adhesives

While it may be true that tint films are created to last for years, it doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. If it’s been awhile since your tint was initially installed, you could start to see minor scratches become huge rips.

These rips start to appear when the adhesive starts to become weaker or becomes separated from the film. And once this happens, the tint will no longer stick to the window, resulting in a hole where you should have a uniform color and tint.

Can Tints Be Repaired?

Questions on whether it’s possible to repair or save damaged tints are pretty common but whether they can still be saved or not will largely depend on their current condition. Here’s a guide on how you can assess if your damaged tints should be removed!

  1. Check if the tints have started to peel. As mentioned earlier, the adhesive of certain films will start to fall apart over time. If it has, this is a clear indication that it needs to be replaced. 
  2. See if it has begun fading or purpling. While some tints have longer life, all films are anticipated to fade over time. 
  3. Check your car’s interior. If some parts of its upholstery are already fading, it’s no longer able to protect you and your vehicle from harmful UV rays.

If you’ve observed these occurrences on your tint, you might consider window tint removal services!

Preserving Your Automotive’s Window Tints

There are several ways drivers can prevent small scratches from becoming large rips and one of the most recommended countermeasures is professional installation!

Generally speaking, professionally-installed window tints often come at a heftier price but despite this, it promises great results that lasts for a very long time. As we’ve mentioned earlier, improper application is one of the most common culprits behind easily damaged tints. 

This is because unlike the common misconception that anyone can tint their vehicles, it’s a meticulous process that requires great skill and the right tools! A tint’s installation will determine how effective and how long it will last — hence, it’s best that you think about collaborating with a tint shop for your project. 

In any case that you’ve already installed your car light tint film, here are some great tips to keep in mind when it comes to preserving them!

Wait For A While Before Cleaning

If your vehicle is freshly tinted, don’t immediately wash them. Instead, wait for at least a month before you proceed on cleaning them. While its curing process might have passed, it’s important that drivers wait for another month before cleaning them. 

Clean Your Tint Properly

Once a month has passed, you can start cleaning your window tints using dish soap and water! This solution is considered to be the best easily accessible cleaner in the market. Despite this, if you’re able to find a gentle non-ammonia glass cleaner, it’s better! 

Make sure to use a clean, gentle cloth rag or sponge for cleaning and when it’s time to rinse it out, use a soft squeegee to do it! Keep in mind to use ammonia-free glass cleaners as it may act corrosively on the film. 

Be Careful With Hard And Metal Objects

As we’ve mentioned earlier, scratches from hard objects is one of the common culprits of damaged window films. With this in mind, make sure that you take simple precautions when it comes to moving around hard and sharp objects to extend the life of your film!

Consulting Tint Experts

When it comes to great tips on how to avoid damaged tint films, there’s no one else better to ask than the tinting experts themselves!

Great installation teams — like Smartfilm’s — offer consultation sessions for drivers! Not only will they be able to guide you through the proper way of preserving window tints, they can also provide great advice on other matters like deciding the type of film to use as well as the legal tint percentage in Arizona!

If you’re planning on tinting your vehicle, it pays to be rightfully informed and prepared! Don’t be afraid to consult our experts on the right tint for your needs and how to properly care for them.

Don’t Settle for Ripped Films

Those rips and tears can make it hard to drive your vehicle, interfere with your view of the road, and leave your passengers feeling hot due to the Arizona sun. 

Save yourself the frustration and schedule an appointment with SmartFilm as soon as you see a problem. We’ll remove and replace your film quickly so you can get back out on the road in comfort and style.

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