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What is The Best Window Tint Material For Your Car?

Depending on the needs of a car owner, there are several types of window tints available in the market —  each one specifically made to one concern. For instance, those who want to improve the shatter resistance of their windows have metalized window tints. All the while those who want a normal-looking tinting film have hybrid window tinting.

Whatever their need maybe, there’s one best window tint film for it! And while it may be true that each kind of tint offers plenty of protection to cars and could be the best car window tint to some drivers, there are some that have quality substances like ceramic tinting films.

It’s understandable for people to be unsure of whether ceramic tints are the best window tint film for them. Not a lot of people prefer this specific tint due to its intimidating price tag. With this in mind, we’re here to discuss what makes ceramic films the best tints out there!

What Are Ceramic Tints & Is It The Best Car Tint?

Ceramic tint is a type of car window tint made up of microscopic ceramic nanoparticles held together on an adhesive film. These nanoparticles cannot be seen by the naked eye, resulting in a clear film that sits completely flush against your car windows.

The film blocks up to 50% of solar heat while still allowing maximum visibility, day or night. It has a higher resistance to harmful UV rays as well as glare and fading in comparison to other tints. Additionally, it offers superior shatter resistance.

Why Ceramic Material Works Best on Car Windows

While it may be true that it has a higher asking price, it does offer distinguishing features.

There are certain tints that have features available on cheaper options but as for ceramic tints,  it has several benefits that other kinds of tints don’t offer.

Here are some of the great benefits that make the car window tint worthy of your investment!

They’re Incredibly Durable

car's interiorSurely, dyed window tints can last for a few years without issues. But once it has been constantly exposed to the Arizona sun, heat, and dust, they often start bubbling or peeling.

Once this happens, car owners have no other choice than to remove their window tints and have them reapplied. Luckily, ceramic films are made to be durable enough to last a long time. And unlike other tint materials, it ensures customers it won’t fade over time.

There’s no denying that car window tints tend to be expensive depending on the window tint you’ll use, the size of your vehicle, and other similar factors. That’s why most people who get window tints want to get the reassurance that the investment they’ve put on their car window tints lasts. Thankfully, the best car window tints like ceramic tints

They Block UV Rays

Admittedly, even the cheapest options available in the market can block heat and UV rays but ceramic tint does it better than most.

It blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and should you invest in the infrared ceramic material, it also features heat reduction properties hard to find in other types of tint.

It’s important for people to realize that the sun’s infrared rays are the reason why your car gets hot. When both of these kinds of rays get blocked, it’ll be much more comfortable to drive during the summer.

Improved Glare Resistance

car window tintBecause of the technology used in ceramic tint material, it has the ability to massively reduce the amount of reflection and glare caused by the film. Its ceramic particles absorb the light rays, preventing penetration and reducing glare.


Unbeknownst to many, there are certain tint materials that block radio, cell phones, and GPS signals from getting in or out of the car. This concern is especially most common to metalized car window tint film.

And because ceramic window tints are metal-free, electronic devices can function fully!  Car owners don’t need to worry about signal interference like most drivers would have to when they use metalized window tints. The reason why some drives still use a metalized window tint in spite of today’s new tech on automotive window tints is that it’s one of the more cost-efficient options available in the market.

Metalized window tints are generally less expensive in comparison to other car window tints like ceramic window tints or other types of hybrid window tints.

Keeps Your Windows from Shattering

Improved shatter resistance is a common feature for most types of tints but ceramic tints offer stronger protection against glass shards.

For instance, the film will be able to hold together broken pieces of glasses caused by an accident. It will prevent it from flying across the interior of the car.  Your windows will remain fixed in place and you’re left unharmed!

Added Privacy

Another common feature for most tints is increased privacy but what makes ceramic films better than most is their durable material. It will shield all the valuables you left in your car while maintaining great visibility as you operate your car.

This is a great way of avoiding burglaries of any sort and the fact that it has superior shatter resistance ensures you that anyone or anything that tries to get into your car will have a hard time shattering your windows.

Keeping Your Cool

Heat reduction is another great feature that car tints offer to their car owners. Besides blocking harmful UV rays, they keep your car cool despite Arizona’s extremely hot weather! When you spend half of your time driving around Arizona’s solar heat, you’ll definitely wear your air conditioning out just by keeping your vehicle cool, and sometimes it doesn’t even really keep your car cool!

Thankfully, the best car window tints will not only give your car’s interior UV protection, but they’ll also keep your car cool! Heat reduction is one of the main reasons why most Arizona drivers invest in a window film. See, regardless of whether you use a ceramic window tint or not, heat reduction is guaranteed.

Window tints are generally formulated to carry this specific feature besides protection against UV rays. The only difference that a ceramic window tint offers is durability and added protection! Sure, you can settle for another tint for heat reduction, but why stop there?

Where will the automotive window tint Work Best?

Ultimately, there’s no limit to which kind of car can use ceramic window tints. Just like normal tints, they can be custom cut to fit the size of your car windows. In the end, it’s all a matter of making that investment.

Ceramic films are regarded as high-tier car window tinting — hence, it adds more value to any car it’s installed on. Should you decide to sell your vehicle years later, you can demand a higher value for it!

Don’t be discouraged by its price tag. While it may be true that they are relatively more expensive, there are tinting shops that offer great deals! Just make the time to look for them and make that investment!

Can You Install The Car Window Tint Yourself?

The rising demand for window tinting paved the way for tint kits or pre-cut pieces of film. Some may say that this is the best, albeit the cheapest, way car owners can tint their cars. But this poses the question of whether it’s really cost-efficient.

A point often overlooked in terms of window tinting is the intricate process it requires. If you’re someone who’s installing tints for the first time, you’ll likely mess the job up. This would then require the best car window tint removal before new films are reapplied in your locality.

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