how to tint car windows

How to Tint Car Windows: A Step by Step Explanation

Adding window tinting film to your car is a great way to make your ride more comfortable and increase is resale or trade-in value. But if you’ve never had a car tinted before, you’re probably wondering how to tint car windows in the first place. The best way to go about the process is to work with an experienced professional. But it’s still helpful if you know what to expect during the appointment. Here’s what you need to know.

First, the Glass Gets Scrubbed Down

Road grime, dust, and dirt sticks to glass and makes it both difficult to see through and impossible for window tinting film to stick to. Before the film gets installed, your windows get cleaned thoroughly both inside and out. Once clean, the glass will sit for a few minutes to dry completely.

Cutting the Film

Different makes and models have different sized windows and the shape of the glass varies from year to year. This means the film has to be cut to each window in your car. The technician lays the window film over the glass and cuts it with a sharp razor as precisely as possible. The key for how to tint car windows properly is making sure the film covers as much of the glass as possible.

Shaping the Film

Once cut, the film has to be shaped to match the curvature of the windows. The cut piece is laid over the glass and heated with a heat gun. This makes it pliable and lets the technician stretch it into place. Once the film fits the window as closely as possible, it’s set aside. The backing gets removed and the film is sprayed with water. This makes it easy to move the film on the glass without it sticking. The moistened film gets set against the glass on the inside of the car and smoothed into place with a plastic scraper.

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