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Tint Film Installation: Why You Should Go With the Pros

Now that you have decided that car tinting is for you and your benefit, the next thing to consider is its application. Consumers usually have two options for tint film installation for their cars: Do it themselves with a DIY window-tinting kit or hire a professional.

There is one important point to bear in mind. Although low-cost kits are available to make tinting your car windows easy and quick, the results of installing window tint yourself are often mixed.

Tinting fitted by an amateur can quickly start to bubble and peel. Such faulty tinting not only looks unsightly but can dangerously reduce visibility. To add to the problem, self-fitted tinting can reduce the resale value of your car, unless the job has been expertly done.


With all the available DIY car tinting kits offered in the market today, it is tempting to just tint your car on your own instead of leaving the job to professionals. However, what most consumers do not realize is that the benefits of getting a professional tint film installation outweigh every advantage of DIY. For the best results, hire a professional to install your tinting. It’s quick and relatively inexpensive, and the benefits will last for years to come.

Here are 4 reasons why you should let professional car tint companies do their job:


1. We do it within the law

The government is specific when it comes to laws concerning car tinting. Just to be safe, it would be best to have your car professionally tinted because companies who do this for a living know the do’s and don’ts, with considerations of the regulations. 

A professional window tinting company makes it their business to stay up-to-date on window tint regulations.


2. We do it flawlessly

Businesses that do car tints for a living do it perfectly crediting the number of times they have done it, the knowledge of different techniques on how to apply it, and the hours of training they have undergone to perfect the job. Say, you want a high-quality anti UV tint, a professional like us, can do it for you.

Most probably, when you decide to DIY your car tinting, it is your first time to do it. The room for error is bigger because more likely than not, you are just winging it.

Applying a professional-looking and quality window tint job is undoubtedly difficult. Not impossible, but definitely difficult. Even if you have plenty of experience with repairs and modifications on the rest of your car, this is an entirely different task that requires its own set of skills and tools.

An experienced professional will use a higher grade and/or pre-cut film and ensure that it is applied without creases, crinkles, air bubbles or debris.


3. Restarting is not an option

Since the chances of ruining it are high, the first trial would most probably be a disaster. So, you decided to try applying the film again. You thought that it would be easier, but removing window film is much more difficult than applying it, due in part to the sticky adhesive used to apply it to the auto glass.

Once window tinting film has been applied to a window, it cannot be taken off and simply returned to the store. Starting from scratch would probably require you to buy a new kit.


4. Tint quality and service guaranteed

One of the reasons why professional car tinting is relatively more expensive than DIY kits is the quality service you can get. More so, the reputation and credibility of the company is also a factor, especially if they always get great reviews and feedback from previous customers.

If a professional window tinting company does a bad job, car owners can always demand a redo. However, in Smartfilm’s history, that is super rare. We get the job done, we make sure everything is covered from the edge of the window to the top of the window.


Final Words

Tinted windows are easy to modify and customize to any vehicle thanks to the availability of car window tint films, which can slightly darken the glass by UV blocking and heat control specs.

It’s important to get tinted window film professionally installed, as there are legal limits on how dark your windows can be, especially at the front of the vehicle where the driver’s visibility might be affected.

However, there are plenty of good options to work around this too, for example, the top and sides, also the rear windows can be tinted much more, and it’s common to have a darker or coloured sunlight visor strip across the top of the front windscreen.

If you are still weighing the option you have, there should not be an option at all. Let the professionals take care of this for you. Let Smartflm help you with this. Visit our website to learn more.

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