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Mercedes Window Tint: Brand Recommendations For Window Tinting Your Benz

Installing auto tinting film on your car is one of the best ways to protect your investment. And if you’re like most Mercedes drivers, you’ll do whatever you can to keep your ride looking great! Luckily for new car drivers their vehicles now come with a factory window tint.

But if they want to further reinforce the heat rejection features and scratch resistance of their car windows, finding the right Mercedes window tint can be tough. Each manufacturer offers different benefits. 

Here are some of our favorite best window tints for Mercedes Benz


3M Window Tint

3M has been in the auto tinting game for decades and for good reason: their films are incredibly durable and will give you years of virtually maintenance-free tinting. 3M offers different tint shades, giving you plenty of options to customize the look and feel for your car.

That quality comes at a price. 3M films are relatively expensive, but their quality makes it worth the cost. If you’re looking for a high-quality tint that will last without bubbling or discoloration, 3M films are a great option for your Mercedes Benz window tint installation.



Xpel films are ideal for people worried about their Mercedes Benz window tint cost. Their films are priced on the lower end of the spectrum, but that low price comes at a cost of durability. When installed by a pro, Xpel films will last for years.

But they can be more prone to scratches and damage than other tinting films. If you’re watching your budget but really want the comfort of having tinted windows in the Arizona heat, Xpel is worth considering.

Llumar Window Tint

Llumar’s Mercedes Benz window tint offers the same quality and durability of 3M films, but sit closer to Xpel price range. They produce tinting films in almost every shade ranging from clear to metallic.

There’s an option for every type of driver and every budget. This gives you more flexibility to control your Mercedes Benz window tint cost without sacrificing quality and durability. Keep in mind that XPEL films must be installed by a licensed professional.

If you’re looking for Mercedes Benz window tint, take a look at your budget before choosing a brand. If you have the money to spare, a premium film, like 3M, is a great way to protect your ride. But if you’re worried about cost, Llumar or Xpel films may be the better option.


Deciding on Your Installation

Once you’ve decided on which brand to use in tinting your car, you now have to think about how the window films will be installed! Are you going to install everything by yourself or will you be opting for professional installation? 

Frankly speaking, doing your tint job can save you a lot in terms of up-front costs. While this may sound great, unprofessional installation can lead to mistakes which can ruin your entire film. And if your tints get damaged, you’ll be forced to buy yourself a new roll. Hence, experts advise to opt for professional tint jobs.

Not only will it ensure your film’s effectiveness, but it’ll help you spend less in the long run! SmartFilm is proud to serve drivers in Chandler, Mesa, Casa Grande, Gold Canyon, Payson, and Sedona. For more information on the Mercedes window tint costs, feel free to contact our office!

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