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Keeping Cool in Arizona: Cooling Film For Car

The state of Arizona is known for offering tourists wonderful nature getaways and other great summer activities. Almost everyone visits the state for some summertime fun — and it’s totally understandable! For people that live in colder parts of the country, the sun and its heat does wonders for them. But if you’re a local of Arizona, you might think otherwise. As fun as the scorching hot is, it can be quite an inconvenience overtime — especially for drivers that are constantly out and about. This is where cooling film for cars comes into play.

Not only does it leave people uncomfortable, it can even cause great damage to the car interior and to their health due to skin cancer. Luckily, there’s sun protection film for car windows and today, SmartFilm is here to tell you all that you need to know about them! 

But before anything else, let’s talk about just how damaging UV rays can be. 

Harmful UV Rays

There are two common reasons as to why car owners tint their vehicles, for heat control and UV radiation protection. Too much exposure to the sun can severely damage both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. To make matters worse, it easily heats up the temperature inside causing drivers to amp up their air conditioning. 

But aside from this, there’s a bigger threat that people should be worried about; skin cancer. There are two main types of UV rays from the sun; UVA and UVB. Ultraviolet B is responsible for most of the sun and on the other hand, Ultraviolet A penetrates deeper into the skin resulting in greater damage. 

While most car windows block UVB without window tints, UVA can still pass through them and prolonged exposure to them can lead to harmed DNA which can then develop into skin cancer. As a result, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends sun films for cars as protection. 

Still, a lot of people are skeptical of its effectiveness. They often argued that sunshades can do the same thing window tints do for a fraction of its price. 

How Cool Does It Get

Normally, people use light transmittance ratings or VLT percentage to measure the amount of light they can expect after installation. But unfortunately, it doesn’t give people an idea on how cool their vehicles will get. 

Luckily, there are a few remarkable studies that address this concern. In a study conducted for the International Conference on Mechanical, Automobile and Robotics Engineering, M.A. Jasni and F.M. Nasir compared the effectiveness of sunshades to window tints. 

The experiment revealed that while sunshades had the ability to keep the interior of the vehicle cool, it only applied on the dashboard area and was only able to reduce the temperature by about 2 degrees Celsius. 

On the other hand, tinted windows were able to reduce the ambient temperature in both the front and rear of the vehicle. In fact, the tint was able to cool interior air by up to 8 degrees Celsius. While the research only used a fairly light tint, it was able to showcase the efficiency of films!

Worthy of Investment

Aside from its ability to block 99% of UV Rays that causes damage and heat to your vehicle, cooling tints have other great features that make them a great investment! 

Improved Safety And Security

While each type of tint available in today’s market have their respective specialities, tints are generally created to reinforce the strength of the window and improve its privacy. 

Solar films may not be able to completely prevent thieves from looking outside in, they can definitely obstruct their view. Additionally, it helps strengthen the shatter-proof features of your window! And should an unfortunate accident happen, the tint will keep broken shards of glass together. 

Reduced Glare

Arizona’s a fun place to drive around it but unfortunately, the glaring sun can be quite an inconvenience for drivers. Luckily, cooling film for cars feature effective glare reduction that makes driving enjoyable and safe!

Unbeknownst to many, glare can result in accidents. As a matter of fact, around 38.5% of car accidents in the state are caused by record-breaking sunny days. While sun tint’s main focus is keeping your car feeling and looking cool, it still has other tricks up its sleeves that makes it investment-worthy!

Making The Most Out of Your Tinting

So, we’ve finally proven the effectiveness of solar tints but how can one ensure they’re making the most out of their investment? By having the films installed professionally!

The rising demand for automotive tinting has paved the way for tint kits or film rolls that allow drivers to do the process themselves. And while it seems like doing a DIY project will save you a lot, improper application can drastically affect the effectiveness of your cooling films. 

Hence, experts suggest reaching out to tint shops like SmartFilm for professional installation! Not only will they ensure your investment lasts as long as it can, they also give great advice on finding the right tint for your needs.

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