What to Do About Cloudy Headlights & How Headlight Restoration in AZ can Help

What to Do About Cloudy Headlights & How Headlight Restoration in AZ can Help

Countless Valley drivers deal with the annoying and potentially dangerous problem of clouded headlight lenses, adding to the likelihood of a nighttime accident. Fortunately, headlight restoration allows AZ drivers to fix their clouded lenses in a way that benefits their car, safety, and wallet.

Professional Headlight Restoration for AZ Drivers vs. DIY Methods

Professional headlight restoration goes above and beyond what the average DIY kit or method can offer, restoring and preserving your headlights against the elements instead of temporarily masking the problem–without the potential paint or body damage that DIY kits can cause. But before you take the plunge, it helps to know a bit of background on what causes clouded headlights and how headlight restoration improves AZ vehicles.

What Causes Cloudy Headlights?

Cloudy headlights occur when environmental factors like UV light, road debris, and caustic chemicals like those found at car washes (all of which are common in Arizona) break down the protective hardcoat on a car’s headlight lenses, causing headlights to appear hazy and even develop cracks if left untreated (known as crazing). This haziness dulls the light that comes out of the headlights at night and makes it harder to see, putting drivers at risk.

How Headlight Restoration Fixes Headlights

Thankfully, headlight cloudiness can be easily fixed by headlight restoration. Professionals like our team at Smartfilm generally use a combination of techniques to get your headlights shining bright again. First, fine-grain sandpaper buffs out the oxidized plastic. Then, polish and sealant protect the surface from UV rays and prevent oxidation, restoring your headlights.

Let a professional restore your cloudy headlights for the best results!

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