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What Are the Best Mercedes Window Tinting Options?

As a Mercedes owner, you take a lot of pride in your ride. And if you’re like most drivers, you’re ready to protect not just the outside of your car, but the inside. The best way to do it is with a high-quality Mercedes window tint film. We’re not going to lie—there are dozens of brands and types of film to choose from. But since you want the best, we’re here to help. These are some of the top options to consider if you’re thinking of tinting Mercedes windows.

The Types of Window Tint

No matter which window tinting manufacturer you choose to work with, you’ll have to pick the right type of film for your needs and your budget. That means you’ll need to pick between these types of tinting films:

  • Infrared rejection tints
  • Ceramic tints
  • Metalized tints
  • Dyed window tints
  • Clear window tints

Each option will help keep your car in good shape but finding the best window tint for Mercedes Benz windows isn’t as simple as choosing the first option you find. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each type.

Clear Window Tints

Clear window tints are exactly as they sound—clear. They’re installed over your car windows and help protect the glass against breakage and protect the inside of your car from harmful UV rays. These rays can damage both the interior of your vehicle and put your health at risk. Sun damaged skin is no joke and the more time you spend behind the wheel in Arizona without tinting film installed, the more at-risk you are.

That said, clear films won’t do much to reduce glare or make it harder for people to see inside your car. But they are one of the most affordable options. If you’re planning on selling the car in the near future or simply can’t afford a more protective Mercedes window tint, clear window tints are worth considering.

Dyed Window Tints

When you think of classic car window tints, you’re likely picturing dyed window tints. These are made of died polyethylene and darken your side windows and rear windshield to legal levels. This helps enhance the privacy of your car while also blocking up to 99 percent of those harmful UV rays.

If you choose to install dyed window tints, make sure you go with a high-quality film and get it installed by a pro. Many manufacturers produce low-grade films that fade and bubble over time. Working with an experienced installation team ensures that you get the best film possible.

Metalized Tints

Metalized Mercedes window tints work similarly to dyed window tints, but they also block heat from getting inside your car. For Arizona drivers, this is an added bonus that can make your car much more comfortable during the summer’s extreme heat. High-quality metalized tints are scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about damage impacting the comfort of your drive.

That said, they’re not ideal for people who rely on smartphones and other cellular tech. The metal in the film can and will block signal. If you’re in a low-signal area you could end up losing reception faster.

Ceramic Tints

At SmartFilm, we believe ceramic tints are some of the best products for tinting Mercedes windows. Like the metalized tints, ceramic tints help block heat from getting inside your car while also blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays. But unlike metalized tints, ceramic options won’t interfere with your connectivity.

You’ll still get the crystal clear sound, streaming quality, and signal you need on the road. But even better, these films help block glare off of other cars, buildings, and the sun itself. If you drive in rush hour traffic all the time, ceramic tints are the best tint for Mercedes Benz drivers, hands-down.

Infrared Rejection Tints

If you only want the best for your Mercedes Benz, infrared rejection tints are the only option out there. These are ceramic-based window tints that block both UV rays and infrared rays. This bolsters their heat rejection technology, keeps your car cooler, and provides even better glare resistance.

All of these things can be accomplished with any shade of tint, letting your style dictate the shade and color of your Mercedes window tint. Keep in mind that infrared rejection tints are the most expensive option on the market. But they will provide superior performance and durability over other films.

So, Which One is Best for You?

The best window tint for Mercedes Benz drivers is largely a matter of personal preference. If you want to keep things cheap, a clear tint or dyed tint is your best option. But if you’re looking for a long-lasting and highly effective film, choose a ceramic window tint. Both regular ceramic and infrared rejection tints will give you superior protection and make your drive noticeably more comfortable.

SmartFilm serves the communities of Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Chandler, and Scottsdale with all their tinting needs.

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